Window Installation & Home Security

Window Installation & Home Security

Window installation offers an opportunity to greatly increase home security. Windows can make a home a vulnerable target to burglars. Windows that are improperly installed or that lack certain augmented security features present an easy entry point. Ensuring that a home’s windows are properly installed is as important as maintaining adequate outdoor lighting and door locks; window safety may seem obvious, but it is easy to overlook.

A Safe Home


Home invasions can occur anywhere, including safe neighborhoods where property crime is relatively rare. According to the FBI, it is estimated that one burglary occurs every 15 seconds. Often, home burglaries take place while the victims are present, greatly increasing the risk of a violent crime taking place. While it is not necessary for a responsible homeowner to turn a residence into a virtual fortress, taking small steps to secure a home from burglars is simply common sense, like locking the front door at night or maintaining an adequate insurance policy.

New window installation can offer the same peace of mind as investing in a home security system or updating the outdoor lighting; it’s practical, reasonable and necessary. It’s a smart investment that can transform a previously vulnerable house into a safe one. Intruders frequently target homes with windows that do not lock properly. This is a common problem among houses with older windows in need of replacement, easily shattered or knocked out of place by a clever burglar.

Installing windows with security features, such as metal guards, grids or bars, is an easy way to instantly increase the safety of a home. Window bars can be as decorative as they are functional; increasing the beauty of a home rather than taking away from it. Ornate, custom window designs enhance a home’s curb appeal while keeping the property safe and secure. These security measures are unobtrusive; intelligently designed to be aesthetically pleasing while expertly manufactured to be strong. Installing safe windows does not mean sacrificing style; rather, new windows can be quite complementary to a home’s visual appeal.

Other tips include installing secondary window locks and choosing reinforced, shatter-proof glass, especially in commonly neglected spaces, such as the basement or the garage. Such updates include other incidental bonuses, such as increased energy efficiency and a reduction in home heating bills. These small steps can prevent would-be criminals from attempting to invade and burglarize a home. Ideally, new window installation should be accompanied by proper outside lighting and, when appropriate, a home security system. However, from a basic perspective, window installation is a low-tech option that can mean the difference between owning a house that’s targeted by a casual burglar versus a house that’s deemed too difficult to attack.

A Smart Decision

Overall, new window installation is an easy way to enhance the safety and security of a home. Windows are often the entry points targeted by burglars; leaving a home vulnerable to invasion and attack. Strong, reinforced windows with enhanced locking mechanisms are a deterrent to would-be burglars. Securing a home with new window installation is a simple way to increase peace of mind while adding value to a home. Secure windows can enhance a home’s beauty, rather than taking away from it.


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