Why Your Next Couch Should Be a Modular Lounge

Why Your Next Couch Should Be a Modular Lounge

The living room’s ought to be one of the most comfortable places in your flat. After all, this is a haven where your family and friends get to hang out and spend quality time with you for any random occasion– whether you just want to share a couple bottles of ale with your dad or your lads…. Or maybe you’re celebrating your little brother’s first win with the junior rugby team!  

For you to have the perfect experience, however, we recommend having a modular lounge suite installed in your living room, since it presents a lot more benefits when compared to more common sofa designs like Lawson, Bridgewater, or Chesterfield. You may check out retailers like Domayne for a variety of lounge options, but we highly encourage you go for the chic, comfortable, and practical like the Byron Fabric Modular lounge set.

Here are three of the most compelling reasons why your next couch should be a modular lounge:

Reason #1: The modular lounge is your ultimate space saver.

Let’s face it: Not all of us have the largest flats out there, so the use of space can be a critical factor when arranging our homes. With common sofa designs, you are at a disadvantage because of its unnecessary use of space. This becomes increasingly difficult when you are placing your sofa because of several obstacles, including doors, corners, and windows.

When you go for a modular sectional, the exact space is accounted for, because it is designed to fit between corners and windows.  

Reason #2: Versatility is the strongest suit of a modular lounge.

Modular lounges are built not only to be space savers, but also to be extremely versatile when used. In fact, a modular lounge is designed to be separated into two or more sections, something that cannot be done with common sofa designs.

When you’re alone and want the standard living room look, you can place the sofas side by side. However, when you have guests coming over and you feel like sitting opposite each other, you can freely separate the sections into two and place a mini makeshift coffee table. Long story short, the modular lounge is way more flexible.

Reason #3: Modular lounges are generally more comfortable.

At some point in everyone’s lives, we fall asleep on the couch… maybe while watching TV or while reading a book. Nonetheless, it can be said that modular lounges are more comfortable in contrast to generic designs, because some sections can actually be converted into a bed.

If you really are a couch potato and you’ve made the living room your personal territory within the confines of your flat, you may opt to buy a modular lounge with a chaise module instead.

Reason #4: Moving becomes not just a tad bit easier, but WAY easier.

When the time comes for us to move from one place to another, moving our largest pieces of furniture becomes our ultimate issue of concern. Moving beds, sofas, and other appliances becomes a real pain, so we end up throwing them altogether and start fresh for the new house.

At least with a modular lounge, your sofa can be saved from eternal slumber, since it can be easily disassembled and transported to a different location!

So the next time you shop for new couches, consider these benefits and choose a modular lounge instead. It’s bound to make your movie marathons more comfortable and your redecoration much easier to do.

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