Why You Should Be Using Fiberglass Conduits Over Others

Why You Should Be Using Fiberglass Conduits Over Others

You have a project coming up, and you don’t know if you should use fiberglass conduits or something else. Fiberglass conduit wins out in countless categories, making it the right choice for a variety of projects. Find out why fiberglass conduits are superior, and then pick up some, so you can begin work on your next project.

Lighter Than Other Options

If you’ve ever dealt with GRC or PVC-coated steel, you know how heavy those materials can be. It’s hard on your labor force to install them, and people can even get injured. Fiberglass conduit is much lighter. A 19.68-foot section of fiberglass conduit just weighs 15 pounds, so one laborer can easily haul it.

That’s not the only reason why lightweight materials are preferable. This material puts less stress on the supporting structures. Its light weight also makes it more flexible than other materials on the market. That makes it safer and easier to work with, which is why so many people choose it.

Installation Is Faster

Time is money in your industry. If you spend hours upon hours on installation, you end up losing a lot of money. Lightweight fiberglass conduit is easier to haul and put in, so installation is much faster. You can shave up to 50 hours off the installation time when you use fiberglass conduit. That means you’ll save money on the job, and you can send your employees out on another job much sooner. Your team could complete more than five jobs with fiberglass conduit compared to when using PVC-coated steel. Just imagine how much more money you can make once you switch to this material.

Fiberglass Conduit Is More Durable

When you finish a project, you want to know that it will last. You don’t want to have to come out down the line because the conduit has rusted or corroded.

Fiberglass conduit is rot- and rodent-proof, and it’s meant to stand up to toxic materials. It easily handles high temperatures, and is resistant to friction. Some fiberglass conduits can even handle projectiles. You simply cannot get this durability with other materials.

Year-Round Installations

Some materials cannot be installed during the cold winter months, but fiberglass conduit can. This material retains its properties in both low and high temperatures so you can work year-round. That means you can fit more jobs into the year and make more money.

It’s Safer

Electrical shocks are a serious threat on the job site, and that’s often because the workers are using a material that conducts electricity. Fiberglass doesn’t conduct electricity, so you will keep your employees much safer on the job site when you use this material. Your employees will appreciate working with safer materials, and you will save money by reducing injuries.

Fiberglass Conduits – The Right Choice

It’s easy to see that fiberglass conduits are the right choice. You will save time and money, and the conduits are much more durable. Consider using these conduits on your next project. You will notice the difference immediately.

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