Why choose a HOA management company for a housing development?

Why choose a HOA management company for a housing development?

Phoenix as a city is expanding and growing exponentially, and with its growing population and necessity to cater to its growing demand for residential infrastructure, more and more housing developments are occupying the landscape. There are numerous housing complexes and areas in Phoenix, and each of its owners are part of the Homeowner’s Association (HOA). However with the expanding territories, HOA boards are having a tough time managing these. Managing anything is a tedious task, and when it comes to meeting the demands and duties embodied to them, it can be a real struggle. For anHOA Management Company Serving the Phoenix, AZ area, you must look for a company that can cater to all of your demands.

  • Administrative services

Managing the administrative duties for a housing development is a job of dedication and expertise. Lack of experience and know how can make this cumbersome for the team. An HOA management company offers you with list of services like

  1. Planning and organising board meetings
  2. Laws and regulation enforcement
  3. Assistance in budget planning and preparation
  4. Address to homeowner’s concerns
  5. Coordinate maintenance processes.

These kinds of jobs require a professional who understands the intricacies of this trade and can offer exceptional insight into these matters.

  • Property care

The major elements that usually gets neglected from the maintenance point of view are the common utilities and public infrastructure. Elements like club houses, lawns, landscaping, elevators etc. require a separate entity to monitor and maintain their wellness. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that no resident exploits or violates the regulation of utilizing these common amenities

  • Financial and accounting assistance

For any HOA, finance management is a big headache. Luckily, with some professional help from an HOA Management Company Serving the Phoenix, AZ area, things can be made comparatively simpler. It requires expertise to manage all the internal and external financial matters for a residential community and is way more cumbersome than managing one’s individual bank account. Certain services that an HOA company offers include

    1. Maintaining records of all cash inflow and outflows for individual accounts of the members
    2. Regular expense analysis and reporting
    3. Fund management and planning for long term developments
  • Transparent debt management

One of the most challenging yet essential task for the HOA board is to collect dues from the resident members. There are always cases of defaulters and non-paying members, and hence the situation gets uncomfortable when the board member’s responsible for collection is also a resident of the community. However, with a transparent third party managing the affairs, things can be handled with ease. From sending out notices to managing fund accounts, the comity takes care of these affairs.

  • Site management

Every community has a set of rules and regulations all members are meant to abide by. Any violation or negligence can have a direct impact on the development’s market value and standard of living in the locality. While enforcing these rules could be difficult for co-residents, a third party company could be more transparent and effective.

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable management body for your HOA, you should consider hiring a team of professionals from an HOA management company and use their skills, expertise, technology and services to your advantage.

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