What You Need for Your First Spring Barbeque

What You Need for Your First Spring Barbeque

Spring is only one month away, which means it’s just a matter of time before we get to shed heavy jackets and walk around under the sun while enjoying warmer weather. Some parts of the country will get to enjoy this change before the rest of us, though some regions provide these conditions all year round. One way to kick off spring the right way is with a barbeque.

Some individuals may be used to pulling out the grill and cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, and pork chops when summer arrives, but this season provides just the right conditions for a nice cookout. Here are some tips for what you’ll need if this is your first spring barbeque.

Freshen up your grill

Having a clean grill is necessary for more than just impressing your friends who have yet to get one and making it look like you just bought it. Any dirt or dust left over from the fall could be a problem for your food if you miss a spot, so giving the grill a few scrub downs will help you avoid food poisoning and make it look brand new. The last thing you want after your first barbeque of the year is get a call about a guest who had to see the doctor the next day.

Tools that come in handy with cleaning the grill include sponges and buckets of soapy water, as well as anything you normally use to clean your car. Disposable bleach wipes also help if you want maximum results.

Entertainment for kids

Barbeques are fun because they offer the chance for families and friends to enjoy themselves together. With this occasion, it’s important to have something that keeps the kids occupied while you’re cooking away and having a chat with their parents. You won’t have too much of a problem doing that at a barbeque, as outside parties give kids open space to run around, catch footballs, and play tag or other active games.

You could also bring a bouncy house rental, which is the next best thing if the kids are used to jumping on trampolines. If you have the money, rent a couple of bouncy houses, especially if you have a large number of guests coming. This will also help the kids avoid having to wait on a line.

Pick a menu

The majority of your guests will be expecting burgers, hotdogs, pork chops, and steaks when they come over for the party. It definitely helps to have these options available, but they are sure to enjoy their meals more if they have other food to choose from. There are fruits that are suitable for the grill and get an extra flavor from it, depending on the season they grown in.

Lamb chops, sausage, ribs and other meat options work for this occasion, and vegetables can also benefit from spending a few minutes on the grill. Make sure to have olive oil, sauces, and seasoning to make sure that none of the food you serve tastes plain. This will motivate your friends to choose your house for the next barbeque.

Check the temperature

Part of being an expert at the grill is knowing how high or low the temperature needs to be in order for the food to come out in the best condition. Some food doesn’t require much time on the grill, while others are much thicker and rely on higher temperatures to taste good and be rid of any factors that could cause food poisoning.

Some experts advise to cook particular foods at different levels, with meats usually recommended at between 100 and 140 degrees. It also helps to check for signs when food is ready to eat, such as if the juices redistribute through the meat for at least five minutes. You’ll also want to avoid overcooking food, as seeing a little pink in the meat isn’t a problem.

Plan ahead

Rising temperatures also mean a higher chance of getting rain, so it helps to find out a few days to a week in advance what the weather is going to be like so that you know your backyard is the right place for a barbeque. If thunderstorms are scheduled, then you may have to wait until the next weekend to take the grill out. This will also save you time on keeping the grill dry.

There are other options for using your grill, such as bringing it over to a friend’s house if they live in an area that’s getting nothing but sunshine. This works as long as you can fit the grill in your car. You could also rent space in a park or similar facility that lets people cook out with their own grills.

Remember these tips so that you start spring with an awesome meal for the whole gang.


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