It is perfectly fine to be extremely choosy and picky when determining the kind of home locks you wish to install in your Dallas property, for it is meant to effect the security of your residency. Lock change is crucial for peace of mind.

Did you get a new Dallas home recently? Or doubt that your key might have been duplicated by somebody you are highly suspicious of? Have you been living in the same Dallas house for many years without having the lock systems checked?

In all the above mentioned scenarios, lock replacement and lock change services become a matter of concern.

What kind of locks should I install in my home?

There is a list of few things you might want to bear in mind before going for the main purchase. Do remember than it is more about the security of your home than the decor. Hence, smart choices must be employed here.

Locks with deadbolt: there are two main key-lock systems: standard keyed knob and deadbolt. The first one requires a key to unlock which is mounted in a certain position. A deadbolt on the other hand does not make use of latch bolts. This makes it unable to be operated by any means other than the designed key itself, as compared to the former one which can be manipulated using cards or other similar items

Double-sided Vs. single-sided deadbolt locks: when a deadbolt lock is single-sided, it means that the key can only be operated from the outside, whereas its inner part bears a thumb turn to retract the deadbolt cylinder when unlocking. Double-sided version of the same requires to be driven by a key for both the interior and exterior side.

Choice between the two has to be made on varying basis. For example, if your Dallas house has a glass door, it is better to install double-sided deadbolt lock for it. This way, if anyone tries to break-in by any chance, they won’t be able to thumb turn the lock from the interior side by smashing their hand through the glass.

Pad lock: main gates are better secured using pad locks than keyed locks. A pad lock with some good solid hasp will make it difficult for anyone else to access through it without having the key. Padlocks also come with the standard dial and four-wheel combination. You can also employ this system for cabinets or safe boxes in your Dallas house.

Keyed door knobs: these are some commonly used key-lock mechanisms for home security these days. Door knobs bearing keyed cylinders contain a spring latch having a diagonal cut, which is meant to shut against the door-jam when locked. To unlock the system, a key is required so as to retract the spring latch from the jam.

Keyed door knobs are provided with a key hole on the outside only which is used to open the door. Once, the door is locked, the knob cannot be turned unless it is allowed by the key. This is in contrast to the deadbolt lock mechanism, where the required key can be used to lock, as well as unlock the door.


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