What is Vinyl Flooring and why should I invest?

What is Vinyl Flooring and why should I invest?

Choosing a new floor covering for the home is an important decision. It is an expensive improvement to make and selecting which one to invest in needs careful consideration. There are quite a few options available, and all of them will create a totally different feel to a room. One flooring to think about is vinyl – it is easy to install, very durable and the range of colours and effects on offer is wide.

Where can vinyl flooring be used?

Vinyl is water resistant, so it comes into its own in a bathroom, utility room or kitchen where water can be splashed around. There are tile prints, wooden-effect and stone styles that look especially good in these rooms. The durability of vinyl also means that this flooring is a good option for hallways and porches because it can stand up to the demands of frequent foot fall. If you have children who walk dirt inside, pets that come back covered in mud, or a hobby that requires mucky footwear then vinyl in the entrance way is a perfect solution. It can be cleaned with a quick mop and the minimum of fuss.

The benefits of investing in vinyl flooring at home:

. Vinyl is an affordable floor covering and comes in a few different qualities to suit varying budgets.

. It comes in sheets, fitted rather like a carpet, or comes in tiles that are stuck into place with adhesive, so the mess created at installation is minimal.

. Vinyl can be very hygienic as it can be sanitised thoroughly. It is also useful if members of the family have allergies.

. The cushioning of vinyl is comfortable underfoot and pleasant to walk on.

. It insulates from sound.

. This floor covering is hardwearing and will last for years.

. There are all sorts of colours to choose from, as well as textures and effects to suit all decors.

Does vinyl flooring need to be professionally installed?

This type of floor covering can be installed by a keen DIY-er with the correct tools and enough available time. It is worth getting a trained fitter in to install it, however, if you are paying for a high-quality vinyl. The surface it is to cover needs to be very smooth as any lumps and dips will be visible when the vinyl settles in. To have a perfect finished result, a treatment might be needed to level floorboards or concrete underneath before the vinyl is laid.

Any disadvantages to vinyl floors?

This material can tear if pressure is applied with a sharp object, and this includes stiletto heels. If furniture or equipment that is regularly moved across the surface has rough feet or runners it might permanently damage the floor with scratches. And finally, vinyl is not a cosy flooring, so if you are looking for a soft, romantic ambience then this might not be the right material to use.

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