What Does A Landscaper Do?

What Does A Landscaper Do?

Professional and trained landscapers are integral to the home improvement industry. There was a time when most homeowners were content with a small patch of lawn, a few potted plants and maybe a few trees in the yard. But today, all of that has changed.

People that have outdoor spaces on their property are making the most of their investments by hiring professional landscapers for the design and installation. While a qualified and skilled landscaper can design landscapes based on your preferences and budget, it’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of what the professional does.

Qualifications of a Landscaper

Landscapers attain their professional recognition via various routes. A qualified landscaper will have formal training in the field and will have completed either a degree or diploma course in Landscape Architecture. Once qualified, the professional landscaper will generally specialize in soft landscaping or structural/hard landscaping. Softscaping focuses in the plantings while hardscaping focuses on the masonry and other elements in the landscape. A credible landscaping company like Les Entreprises Lavoie Leblanc will provide comprehensive services that include both these aspects.


A landscaper’s job

There are various core areas that a professional landscaper can have expertise in such as:

  • Design– This is typically the first stage for a landscaping project. It involves having discussions with the client and creating a concept and design for the project. The designers will take into consideration aspects such as the client’s requirements, preferences, and Aside from this, they will keep the styling of all the other features and the materials used in the landscape and the home in view, while designing the landscape.

The plans will detail all elements of the landscape design including hardscaping and plantings as well as the materials required. The physical aspects of the landscaping project are left to professional landscape installers.

  • Construction- This part of the job generally forms the foundation of most of the other elements in a landscape. It can involve a number of tasks related to the structural elements as well as the plantings. Landscape designers work in tandem with the professional installers. The latter handle all the physical work while the designers oversee the concept and design aspects, ensuring they are being followed to the tee.

  • Hardscaping installation- This includes installation of the paths and walkways, patios, driveways, entranceways, retaining walls, boundary walls, and all types of paver installations. The materials used in these features range from concrete, pavers, stones, gravel, river pebbles, natural stone, brick, wood and more.

  • Irrigation and drainage system design and installations- While both these systems aren’t as visible in the landscape as many other features, they have a very important role to play. Landscapers will keep the types of plantings and lawns in view and design a suitable irrigation system. They will make sure the land is graded right and has a custom-designed drainage system in place. This helps prevent pooling of water and channels it away from the house and landscaped areas. The irrigation and drainage systems are set up in the first stage of the project.

  • Water features and fire features- Most landscapes also have some fire and/or water features as well as other outdoor structures such as pergolas, gazebos, and The landscaper will ensure that all the areas have a good mix of various elements in order to create a well-balanced and seamless look in the space.
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