What are the Types of Shower Heads Available for your Bathroom?

What are the Types of Shower Heads Available for your Bathroom?

Before buying a showerhead, you should focus on the features of the shower head.

There used to be days when people used to use utilitarian shower heads. Today, shower heads come in different styles, from the ones with sleep handheld for spa uses to the bathroom rain shower heads.

Types of Shower Heads and their Benefits

Wall-mounted: The wall mounted shower heads are standard shower heads. They come in different designs, from simple to sleek to very luxurious ones. You can also use brass made antique faucets. Wall mounted shower heads can be of different spray modes and they are moveable. They are made such that water does not get stuck in them and they do not get corrosions.

Top-mounted: This type of shower head is used by people who love water falling over their head directly. It is mounted directly on the ceiling or they are hand on an extension arm. The antique brass showerhead is also available, they are made of brass and are durable.

Sliding bar: This type of showerhead can be moved up and down depending on your height and to where you want the water directly fall on you. This is mainly preferred by people who share their bathroom with the whole family; so that everyone can enjoy having the shower on their preferred height.

Handheld: They are not mounted anywhere, rather are held by hand. They were also used to be called as telephonic showers. They can be used if you want water to fall over part of your body where you want to fall. Water will fall only to that part of your body where you would want. These showers can also be used to shower kids and pets. Also, they can be used for washing other things other than showering with them. Better to chose a model that fits your hand when your hands are soapy and wet.

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