What are the Light Drapery Styles for Curtains?

What are the Light Drapery Styles for Curtains?

This article enlists a few types of light drapery styleswhen it comes to installing Store Urbain curtains in your space. Read below to know more.

  1. Tab top

Here the tabs are stitched to the top of the drapery panel and are fed via a rod for hanging. The tabs can be for the same fabric as the drapery or can also be made of different fabric like rope or ribbon. This is actually an affordable choice, but one should keep in mind that the tabs don’t open or close smoothly all times and can also bunch up on the rod as well.

  1. Rod pocket

This is the most preferred and common style of draping the curtains. Here a rod is inserted into a casing which is stitched at the top of the panel. Then, the fabric is accumulated along the rod so that the fabric can smoothly flow downwards.

  1. Casement style

This style covers the drape that bears casing on top as well as the bottom and is kept taut so as to cover the window completely. Fabric can be accumulated for a traditional look or it can also be kept flat to make it look modern. As the window is covered, the casement of the drape is also made of sheer fabric, light cotton or linen to let some light in. Sash style is another variation where the drape covers the lower half of the window and down to the sill.

  1. Café

This style covers the lower half portion of the window and lets the natural light in from the top and providing privacy at the same time. The café drapes can cover a bad view without entirely blocking the light out. They are also ideal for casual rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

  1. Bishop sleeve

This sleeve needs loads and loads of fabric as this casts away a full appearing style that can never be drawn but tied back to the each window side instead. This additional length of fabric is then pulled up in order to make a poufy bishop sleeves. You can create various silhouettes with this as well. For having a slimmer appearance, you can also use fabric like silk or polyester. For more puffiness, you can use a medium to heavy fabric. You can show or hide the tiebacks according to your choice.

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