Wet VS Dry Heating System

Wet VS Dry Heating System

Floor Heating Halifax, provides you the best heating system to keep your home warm and comfortable. It is a luxurious and popular trend in new home, as well as in trend in comfortable leaving. Although, there is no denying that Floor Heating Halifax is the cosiest way to warm your toes.

There are mainly two types of popular floor heating systems:

  • Wet Floor Heating System
  • Dry Floor Heating System

Wet Floor Heating System:
Wet Floor Heating system is the synonym of the Hydronic Heating System, in this kind of system, pipes are buried under the floor which are normally connected to the boiler and carry hot water which radiates heat in the entire room, this system is also known as water fed system.

Benefits of Wet Heating System-
Wet heating systems are quite efficient as compared to dry floor heating systems. This floor heating systems are energy efficient also, as they could run at very low utility bills. They are quite amazing as they run at very low temperature.

Disadvantages of Wet Heating System-
The first and main drawback is that the installation cost is too high. It is difficult to install in the old house, as you need to renovate the whole flooring. High repairing cost is another disadvantage.

Dry Floor Heating System:
Another form of floor heating system is electric floor heating system, which is also called dry heating system. Electric floor radiant heating system uses electrical panel to produce heat. In this kind of system, the heat is produced through cables, mats or mesh rolls which are buried under the floor.

Benefits of Dry Heating System-
The main benefit of dry heating system is that, thin matting is available, which makes the retrofitting easy. The installation of Dry Heating System is also easy. The mats are also thin, which makes it easy to install anywhere in the home, bathroom or on the upper floors.

Disadvantages of Dry Heating System-
The installation if done in an incorrect manner, the heat will not be distributed in even manner. Also, the cost is also higher as compared to other heating systems.

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