Wedding Trend: Make a Statement with a Flower Crown on Your Wedding

Wedding Trend: Make a Statement with a Flower Crown on Your Wedding

Now let’s be honest with each other here, no bride can resist the charm of a flower crown either for herself or her flower girls or braids maids. Many Florist Jersey Shore also find flower crowns alluring especially when made as a DIY. However tempting it may be, resist the urge of making a flower crown on your own for your special day be it an engagement, wedding birthday or other. Give this work to a professional who can put in all the work and expertise necessary for a ravishing outcome.

Flower Headbands

These typically half circle flower headbands that can be worn at the front of the head using ribbons, tie or bobby pins just like traditional headbands. One can also wear them at the side or the back of the head say to complete the bridal veil. Bridal Flowers NJ specialists can suggest a variety of flowers to use for this type of floral crown. Some of the common constituents of these flowers include waxflower, stock florets, and spray roses.

Many people think that flower crowns should only be worn at the front of the head. On the contrary, you can wear a flower headband on any part of your hair depending on your veil, hairstyle, and others. A flower can actually just sit pretty at the back of your head if that’s what you’re comfortable with.

Full Flower Crowns

The full round halo flower crown is the most popular. These are made using filler blooms and some foliage then accented with a frame leaving a focal point. Although this crown will make you look gorgeous, you should be aware that it will be quite heavy. Many bridal flowers NJ suppliers recommend wearing this crown with your second attire after the church ceremony since you will be more relaxed and can match it with low shoes. Traditionally, this type of flower crown was worn by young flower girls and was known as a circlet.

Asymmetric Crowns

The asymmetric design is a more modern style where both sides of the crowd are designed differently. One side can perhaps feature small blooms and foliage while the other features large blooms naturally becoming the central point. Florist Jersey Shore recommended the use or colorful roses and peonies for the side giving a statement.

Bohemian Crowns

The bohemian flower crown is one such type that does not prescribe to any rule. According to specialist Bridal Flowers NJ suppliers, this type of crown is wild and free. You can use anything to make the crown from hanging amaranthus to daffodils. This type of crown is perfect for a beach wedding where the beach ambiance can complement your look.




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