Ways to Transform Your Kitchen in 60 Minutes

Ways to Transform Your Kitchen in 60 Minutes

Are you bored to see the same picture every time you enter the kitchen of your house? See what changes you can make to upgrade it in just 1 hour.

Make a more beautiful bottle for your dishwashing detergent

The classic detergent bottle does not offer anything to decorate your kitchen. What you may not have thought about is that you can buy a different and more beautiful bottle, either glass or stainless.

Label your vases

Take all your jars with herbs and make beautiful labels. This will make it easier for you to find and refresh your appearance, especially if you have a taste. You can also make an order via HouseByUs and buy some unique ones.

Change handles from drawers and cupboards

A very simple and quick way to make you see your kitchen with another eye is to change the handles from your drawers and cupboards. Take a stroll in the shops and pick handles of your choice. Improve and choose the ones you like the most. If you are eccentric you can even make drastic changes and choose, for example, the most beautiful floral handles to refresh your own kitchen.

Make a Blackboard

You can get a white or blackboard to mark your shopping list rather than some paper. Alternatively, you can paint a black column or a small wall.

Change your refrigerator

Have you ever seen your white or silver fridge for years? Put a sticker like wallpaper on your refrigerator or whatever else you like. The good thing is that you can pull it off whenever you want it and if you’re bored to replace it with something else.

Paint your mugs

Do you have a lot of mugs that you’re bored with? Just take some paint, indelible markers, and paint them. Do what you want. You can do the same with other items in your kitchen, such as your ladles, for example. You can dip them into a bright, colorful paint that is safe for food, but also transform them into pop objects.

Make a beautiful  snackcorner

If you want a nice place to put your snacks, cereal bars, coffee or chopsticks, you can buy beautiful jars that match each other for uniformity. Torn packs wrapped with rubber bands are an unsightly sight in every kitchen.

Change the tiles

Do not be frightened. We will not let you trowel your kitchen tiles, but we suggest you put stickers on them, giving them another design.

Add color

 There is no easier way to refresh your kitchen, like any place in your house, than putting some vases of flowers in various places. Prefer flowers in bright colors to create contrasts in space.

Paint the shelves

In a kitchen that does not have cabinets or even the necessary ones then the best option is to invest in colored shelves of various sizes with invisible support. This option is necessarily accompanied by the appropriate style and colors of objects to be placed there. So whatever storage utensil you get, you will always choose a colored one.

Change Curtains

Fabrics are always the easiest solution to particularly costly changes. A colorful curtain in any shape with bright colors and large patterns can instantly change your kitchen image and light it up.

Put a colored carpet

Carpets are an excellent choice that will instantly color your kitchen. With a colorful or colorful carpet, you will not just paint the floor of your kitchen but all the space, since the incident reflections of the colors will simultaneously paint the surfaces of the rest of the furniture.

Plant herbs

Instead of constantly buying herbs, you can just plant some of them in beautiful, small marshmallows and have them ready for you and your food. Try the open cupboards Take the doors out of your kitchen cabinets and try this style.

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