Walk in Showers – Reasons You Should Buy One

Walk in Showers – Reasons You Should Buy One


Watching a Place in The Sun earlier had me thinking about some of the beautiful bathrooms they had featured and all had one common denominator – I absolutely adored the walk in showers / wet rooms that each of the luxurious properties offered.

Visually, I find the walk in showers massively pleasing and the thought that I don’t have to fumble with doors and can simply walk in and indulge myself in a nice cool shower to evade the days sun was mesmerising.

From my viewpoint there are many advantages to owning a walk in shower and I want to share these with you so that if you’re considering one, you can take the proverbial plunge.

  1. They look … amazing


Let’s not kid ourselves, walk in showers add a luxe feel to any bathroom that they’re installed in. They add the tone of class that we all want in our bathroom and I for one feel as though they look better than even a traditional bath. Many of my friends have opted for free-standing tubs, but then I think about the time it takes to run a bath, getting the temperature right and so forth, which brings me on to my next point..

  1. They’re low maintenance


Most walk in showers are tiled and have a shower mat built below them, there is no tray involved, no doors to scrub, no handles or hinges and this can be fantastic for keeping up on the maintenance of the shower.

Walk in showers usually come with easy to clean tempered glass that can be simply wiped down in a matter of seconds after each shower – now that’s the type of timescales I like for cleaning responsibilities!

  1. They save space


Walk in showers can be moulded into your current bathroom layout with the guidance of a respectable bathroom fitter. There is a common misconception that you need oodles of space in order to fit a walk in shower, however, this is not necessarily true. Walk in showers can be built to many different specs and sizes, the best thing to do is to talk it through with a professional fitter.

  1. Mobility / access


Without steps or doors like traditional showers walk in showers allow for ease of access and can be useful for the elderly and the less bodily abled. Walk in showers are becoming more and more popular amongst the elderly with sales increasing in the UK by 29% in 2017 to users aged 60 and above.

  1. Durability


Walk in showers can stand the test of time, especially when compared to a traditional shower. Being that most walk in showers are tiled instead of plastic, they are least open to rotting and wear unlike traditional showers.

With all these points taken into account I think it’s clear cut that if you’re looking for something that will add value, class and convenience a walk in shower is the way to go.


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