Top Six Tips for Your Next Home Redecorating Project

Top Six Tips for Your Next Home Redecorating Project

Redecorating your home can become an especially difficult job if you have no fresh ideas up your sleeves. It may also prove to take a toll on your savings if done recklessly and without prior planning.

The average working American earns around $57,190 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have loans to pay, a car awaiting repairs, and children to send to school, it might not be wise to resort to expensive measures when redecorating your home.

Here are the top six home redecorating tips that will satisfy your craving for a more stylish house, without ruining your budget:

  1. Give your furniture a makeover

Instead of buying a new dresser, you may spice up your old one by repainting it and replacing broken handles or worn out knobs. Remember to think out of the box here – you can go completely unconventional. Think beyond the color of brown wood. Try pink, teal, or other interesting colors. Make it something you would want to display.

  1. Do something on your walls

When you feel that your home is becoming a bit too plain, it means it is. You can change this by adding some decor on the walls, and none of these have to be purchased. Try hanging similarly shaped objects on one side, or maybe making DIY crafts from completely recycled materials lying around the house. The possibilities are endless, and crafting can serve as a great weekend activity with the kids.

  1. Try a bit of contrast

If you have luxury vinyl flooring, then you might already know how easy it is to maintain it. However, one thing about having this kind of flooring is that it usually comes in a monotonous palette. This spells more creative freedom for you in adding contrast to your flooring, wallpaper, and curtains. Think dark-bright contrast.

  1. Move furniture away from the walls

And move them closer together. Many interior designers say that this makes any room look larger, and it will most likely invite a conversation or two. Another tip: if you think your living room still appears uninviting even after clumping your sofas together, try adding more cushions with matching or contrasting covers.

  1. Organize

One of the reasons why homes look so unsightly is because there is clutter all over the place. The solution to this is plain, simple, and without cost: organize. If you have a few too many makeup brushes lying in the bathroom, consider placing them in recycled canisters or redecorated canisters.

  1. When shopping, do so in person

On the occasion when you cannot help but purchase something new for your home, shop in person, not online. While you may trust several companies, an online shop is not the best place to look for a specific color or texture of a carpet, a rug, or a specific size of flower vase. The last thing you want is to throw money away for a pink rug you saw online, only to see that it is not the right shade of pink when it gets delivered to your doorstep.

With these tips in mind, you will definitely save lots of money, if not spend next to nothing, on your next redecorating project.

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