Top Regrets to Avoid When Designing Your Screened Porch

Top Regrets to Avoid When Designing Your Screened Porch

Screen porches are trending these days with more and more people understanding their benefits. Not just the screened porches Chicago look cool, but also save you and your family from the harmful pollutants and UV rays that may affect your loved ones. While designing, it is suggested to avoid some common design mistakes so you never regret of your decision.

Before you start planning to build your own screened porches Chicago, be sure to understand how it will affect your home’s overall design.

The Size

Save yourself from the feeling “I should have built it larger.” The most common mistake that people make while designing porches is not making it larger. Keeping your porch a few feet small will not save your yard’s space to a great extent, but a few yards larger porch will make it a great experience as you will have some more space to be used while you enjoy time with your loved ones in the porch.

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When your family grows, you may want to turn the porch in various ideas like dining room, living space or a place to enjoy your evenings. So make sure to design it keeping in mind your future needs. The goal should be to build as much large porch as you can.

The Location

Save yourself from the feeling “It is too hot to use in the afternoon.” Before you start building your own porches Chicago, make sure to pick the best location, depending upon your home design and your needs. Make sure pick the best location where you can not just enjoy the best weather conditions but also enjoy some time where no on intrudes your privacy.

If you have a noisy neighborhood or unsightly nearby outbuildings, make sure to build your porch accordingly to avoid them as much as possible. Remember that waht annoys you today, will keep annoying you in the future as well. So, make smart decisions.

The Traffic

Not all of us are lucky enough to have home in the posh locations of the town with a lot of greenery and no traffic around the home. If your home is located at the place where too much traffic is there, consider choosing the right location so you can avoid the noise of the traffic around your home. Also, you may want to check if you really want your guests to visit your porch and how. If you want your guests to directly visit you and you can have communication with them, without allowing them to enter your home or kitchen, keep the porch located at the entrance.

So if you, or someone you know, are planning to build screened porches Chicago, consider these tips to avoid the regret later. Before you start building, consider the location, size, and design of the porch in mind so you can sure of the peace of mind while you sit in the porch with your loved ones. Remember that the porch must be designed to give you peace of mind.


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