Top Places for Addition of an Extra Bathroom

Top Places for Addition of an Extra Bathroom

It is a very rare case when you don’t have space for an extra bathroom. It totally depends on the space of your house regarding the addition of an extra bathroom. If you go to a remodeling contractor, they can help you find space and fit another bathroom into your home. They are quite expert in this field and can squeeze out space in almost any house to maintain second or more bathrooms. In this article, we will talk about how to adjust an extra bathroom.

  • A bathroom requires a very small space; an area of 3 by 5 feet can handle a sink and toilet. If you need a shower too, an area of 3 by 8 feet is enough. It is only possible with today’s invention of stylish
  • While looking for the extra space, you can use closets and turn them into the bathroom without tearing down walls. It will enable much lesser cost comparatively.
  • In case, your rooms are larger; you can steal 3 feet from it and turn it into a bathroom. This space will be enough to create a small yet stylish bathroom.
  • If you have a spared pantry, it can also be converted into a bathroom. A bathroom is also possible in a low-lying area as you can fit a tub with a lower ceiling.
  • The portion of an untravelled end of your hallway which may contain space of 30 or 40 square feet can be easily converted into an additional bathroom.
  • You can even use the extra space of your laundry room and reclaim it into a bathroom; all these bathroom conversions can be possible with the help of a professional bathroom remodeling contractor.
  • Even a sink and a toilet can be fixed under your staircase and give you an extra bathroom.

All these renovations are only possible with the help of experts; therefore consider hiring a bathroom contractor.

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