Top Kitchen Cabinet Types You’ll Love

Top Kitchen Cabinet Types You’ll Love

There are so many things involved in kitchen design like the faucets, décor, lighting, and other pieces of the puzzle to bring out an ideal kitchen. Despite the plenty of details to notice in your kitchen, do not overlook your kitchen cabinets. Those cabinets outside your home can be a great deal to incorporate into your kitchen. Before you install any new cabinet, you should have the knowledge of cabinet types and the one you prefer. All cabinet choices are beautiful; hence, you can choose from any of the following.

Gray Shaker

Among the commonly used cabinet style today is the Shaker-style, which contains five pieces of flat-panel that make a frame with four parts and a single fifth piece flat center panel. A gray shaker kitchen cabinet is a popular trend due to its simple yet classic look it offers to a traditional and contemporary design.

With gray shaker kitchen cabinets, you will have numerous trademark characteristics like flat paneled doors that have rail frames, quality wood, robust construction, and useful designs. The materials used for Shaker-style kitchen cupboards involves a first-class American wood traditionally found in the northeastern United States. Other commonly used woods for shaker cabinets include the cherry, quartersawn oak, Marple and so on.


These kitchen cabinets are available in horizontal wooden slats and come with a hefty price tag. Louvered adds a unique style to kitchen cabinetry commonly seen on windows, cabinets’ pieces, and interior doors. If you are among those who value space and air circulation, Louvered is an excellent choice for your ventilation due to its louvered doors containing spaces between every slat. Louvered doors are helpfulespecially when searching for cabinet doors near a radiator, a laundry room, pantry, and so forth.

Flat-Panel or Slab

Slab cabinet doors or flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors come in simple and stylish designs. A slab kitchen cabinet style provides hard lines, minimalist form, and doesn’t have rich detail.  A simple flat-panel cabinet look makes it well-suited for contemporary and modern kitchens.

There various ways a contractor can construct a flat-panel cabinet. Also, slab doors do not have any frames apart from their solid slabs, reflecting their name.


Inset-style cabinets consist of inset doors fixed inside the cabinet frame contrary to the outside of the frame like other cabinet doors. Every designed door built using precise measurements to ensure the wood sits inside the frame, opening and closing correctly. Kitchen drawers and Inset kitchen cabinets are usually expensive in the market, although they are durable for years.

You can personalize your inset cabinetry to make custom cabinets with non-beaded inset, and beaded inset construction to provide an edge detail with exceptional craftsmanship. Inset needs exposed hinges which are cheaper unlike the typical concealed hinges found in other cabinet doors.


If you have difficulties in finding a kitchen cabinet door style in stores that fits your kitchen, you can go for custom cabinets. Choose a kitchen cabinet style according to your requirements and space. Some other kitchen cabinet designs include distressed, beadboard, and thermo-foil. Your local designer or craftsperson can personalize your kitchen cabinet design that you love.


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