Top Characteristics of Some New Generation Refrigerants

Top Characteristics of Some New Generation Refrigerants

Some of the top advancements that we have made in recent years is in regard to refrigerants. These are the coolants that are used inside air conditioning and freezer units. These can be used both residential and commercially, and due to changes that have recently occurred, changing out old coolants for new and improved ones is becoming quite common. There are scientists that have worked very hard to mimic the exceptional properties of R-22, a chlorofluorocarbon that is quite common. This substance, also called Freon, has been outlawed. Therefore, there has been a large impetus on replacing it, particularly by the year 2020. There are reasons for this, and because of these changes, new generation refrigerants are exceptional. Let’s discuss why these changes are occurring, and present some of the top characteristics of some of the new generation refrigerants on the market today.

Why Does R-22 Need To Be Replaced?

Freon needs to be replaced because of what was discovered about its chemical construction and how it can interact with the ozone layer. Scientists years ago were able to determine that a substantial hole was forming in the ozone layer in our atmosphere, a protective layer in the stratosphere that protects us all from very harmful ultraviolet radiation. As this continued to get worse, scientists were able to discover that the CFCs in aerosol cans, and those used in refrigerants, were causing the problem. Once released into the atmosphere, they would make their way up to the stratosphere, causing ozone to become depleted.

What Are Some Of The Replacements That Have Been Made?

There are a multitude of replacements that have been made by several companies worldwide. This would include hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants that vary in chemical design. R-410A, for example, is a combination of pentafluoroethane and difluoromethane. R-404A is another one, one that is extremely similar to R-22 but with a dramatically improved performance level. There is another called alternative refrigerant TdX 20 that is produced by the prominent company Bluon Energy. It is thought to be one of the best in the world today.


Why So Many People Choose TdX 20

There are quite a few reasons why this particular coolant is extremely popular. It has to do with its similar composition to R-22. Not only is it more efficient, but you will not have to make any type of modification to your cooling device. This refrigerant is designed to mimic Freon, and it also does so with a unique bonus. When Freon is used within a refrigeration device, it must be compressed. This is accomplished using the compressor. The compressor uses a substantial amount of electricity to do this job. However, with TdX 20, not as much pressure needs to be applied in order to get the same level of efficiency. Less electricity will be used, and as a byproduct, your energy bill is going to be diminished substantially. That is why this particular coolant is preferred by many people, used in both residential and commercial machines.

What Are Some Of The Top Characteristics Of These New Coolants

Some of the top characteristics involve a differing chemical composition. Many of them use hydrochlorofluorocarbons instead. Additionally, the low pressure applied to the coolants that are brand-new helps save money, and also prevents wear and tear on the compressor and other components of the refrigeration units. 1/3 benefit is the cost. Although some of them may be more expensive, over the course of time, they can lead to a substantial cost savings. There is always going to be leakage, but many of these are much better at staying within the apparatus they are in, helping you to eliminate the need for recharging your refrigeration unit.

Is This Something That Is Easy To Replace?

This is a very easy process, one that you should be able to accomplish as long as you are using a competent HVAC professional. There are probably three or four companies in your immediate area that can provide you with this type of service. By getting quotes from each of these businesses, you will be able to find out which one is the most cost effective. Try to find information on them, specifically about their reputation as a business, before deciding on one company over another.

Is There Anyone Coolant That Is Better Than The Others?

Most of the coolants that have been created as a result of this ruling on Freon are much more efficient. Some of them have been around for quite some time. You may be able to find review websites that are detailing the chemical composition of all of them, and the benefits and drawbacks associated with each product. As mentioned before, if you were to use TdX 20, this is something that is exceptional in many ways. It is not only more efficient than Freon, but due to its ability to function at a much lower pressure, you will save money on your utility bills month after month.

How Quickly Can These Coolants Be Replaced?

These coolants are easy to replace if the company has the right equipment. They also have to go through specific training. This will enable you to get most of your units changed out in the span of an entire day. They will know how to prevent the Freon from escaping into the air, and will also insert the new coolant with just as much efficiency. If you only have one machine, it is likely to occur in less than an hour, which is very efficient.

If you do have several refrigeration units at your facility, or if you have a single HVAC system at your home, you need to replace the Freon as soon as you can. The year 2020 is approaching, and if it goes beyond that date, you are absolutely required to get this done. You will be rewarded with lower utility bills and higher levels of efficiency that may actually provide you with colder air. Now that you know about some of the top characteristics of these new generation coolants, you should be motivated to get this exchange done.


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