Top 6 Bathroom Flooring Options

Top 6 Bathroom Flooring Options

There’s a significant difference between the kind of flooring you utilize for that living areas of your house and also the bathroom. When you are past looks, durability, cost along with other commonalities, you have to consider one component that not one other area of your property has (except the basement) – water. Because the bathroom will invariably have water, selecting the incorrect flooring can rapidly ruin it. If you’re thinking about undertaking bathroom renovation, make certain that you select the best contractor to counsel you concerning the best flooring choices for your bathrooms.

Let us take a look at the best Choices for Bathroom Flooring.


With regards to tiles for the bathroom, you need to put porcelain towards the top of your list. Produced from clay that’s fired and formed at very high temperatures, porcelain is ideal for bathrooms. The fabric offers hard exterior resistant to water, bacteria, odors, and staining. Porcelain is another great option for your bathrooms flooring because it is considered impervious to moisture. You’ll find porcelain tiles in a number of shapes, including square, hexagonal and octagonal in shape forms – this can be a appealing factor if you would like your remodeling contractors to personalize your bathrooms and provide it a distinctive look.


If you prefer a stylish bathroom, consider gemstone tiles for that flooring. They provide an ageless feel and look, and when you maintain them correctly, they are able to serve you for a lifetime. Select from various options like marble, limestone, and travertine. All these naturally sourced gemstones features its own unique tones, patterns, and textures, providing you with a variety of options to select from. A skilled bathroom renovation contractor will offer you varied suggestions regarding which choice is the best for the brand new construction in your house.


This really is one other popular option for bathroom tiles and slabs as vinyl is both affordable and water-resistant, which makes it highly practical. Vinyl can be obtained in an array of styles and colors, so that you can combine to produce a unique look according to your personality and taste. Furthermore, vinyl includes a softer feel than other flooring choices imparting an appropriate feel to user’s ft.


Among the options that remodeling contractors recommend for lavatory flooring is cork. Because it is produced from the bark of the tree, cork is preferred choice among eco-conscious people. It’s resistant against water in addition to mildew and mold – characteristics making it ideal for any bathroom. To help keep water from seeping between gaps, you need to choose incomplete cork and obtain the ground finished on-site.


This really is an alternative choice produced from a very sustainable resource, which makes it eco-friendly. Bamboo can also be an inexpensive choice for bathroom flooring because it costs less than half the cost of hardwood flooring. Engineered bamboo may be the most suitable choice for the bathroom since the planks are perfect for wet environments, simple to install, and very durable. If you select bamboo, you are able to replace broken pieces easily, that is another major benefit of by using this material for lavatory flooring.


This can be a fantastic option that’s been used for hundreds of years by homeowners around the world. Hardwood flooring are fabulous because they produce a classic and warm try looking in your bathrooms. Engineered wood consists of a mix of hardwood veneer and plywood and it is more humidity resistant than wood. If you would like wood floors for the bathroom, if you have been prefinished options which are water-resistant capable to withstand heavy feet traffic.

Selecting the best flooring for the bathroom is essential, but essential is choosing the best remodeling contractors. A skilled contractor will understand how to use this stuff within an effective manner. If you’ve still got questions, give us a call or reply to this ad.

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