Top 4 Quality Protective Coatings For Use in Homes and Industries

Top 4 Quality Protective Coatings For Use in Homes and Industries

Protective coatings are materials applied to surfaces to prevent corrosion, stains, and contaminants. Hence, they are essential to the maintenance of different types of equipment and products. However, these benefits can only be gotten with high-quality protective coatings.

To aid you in the search for long-lasting, quality protective coatings, here are 4 of the best coatings suitable for home and industrial application.

Rokoat WoodGuard Protective Coating

The Rokoat WoodGuard is an amazingly effective wood protector that guards your wood against the harshness of the sun and other environmental factors. In addition, Rokoat WoodGuard protective coating protects wood from oils, water, and other liquids.

Rokoat WoodGuard, aside from its protective feature, also leaves your wood with a natural look wet surface. From teak decks to wooden furniture and wooden houses, all wooden products last longer with the WoodGuard protective coating. Offering various benefits from helping you reduce maintenance cost to its easy-to-use feature, this Wood Guard from Rokoat is the right choice for your wooden products.

The Multi Protector

Not many protective coatings offer the multi-product protection feature of the Rokoat Multi-Protect. Even, purchasing products that claim to effectively protect multiple products often turns out to be money down the drain. Not Rokoat Multi-Protect.

Made with eco-friendly high-quality chemicals, Rokoat Multi-Product can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including stainless steel, marble, glass, gelatin, varnish, and even painted surfaces. Numerous benefits this multi-product protective coating offer includes the protection of porous surface from stains and UV damage, prevention of marine growth, high-level underwater protection among others. Also, Rokoat Multi-Protect saves you the cost and stress of buying different protective coatings. Why purchase many for so much when you can get the high-quality Rokoat Multi-Protect for so little?

The Pro SecuraKoat Glass Protect

Glass surfaces are particularly difficult to clean. Once a glass surface is stained, it remains so. However, with the ProSecuraKoat Glass Protect, your glass products remains clear and clean for life.

This protective coating uses cutting-edge hydrophobic technology in protecting glass surfaces from algae, dirt, salt water, bird droppings, and other contaminants. The Pro SecuraKoat Glass Protect is invisible, leaving no traces of its usage. Coating your glass with the Pro SecuraKoat Glass Protect is a smooth and easy process. On applying this protective coating, it bonds the glass immediately, offering instant protection. Protecting your glass surfaces for up to four years, this protective coating saves time, energy and money. The Pro SecuraKoat Glass Protect is widely used in automobiles, hotels, villas, yachts etc.

Rokoat Pro TechShield Rust Inhibitor

This bespoke protective coating is produced with epoxy resin polyamide, which allows for effective anti-corrosive and anti-abrasion purpose. The Rokoat Pro TechShield Rust Inhibitor is uniquely designed to prevent corrosion due to moisture, oxidation, salt spray, and other corrosion-causing chemicals.

This protective coating, containing no lead, zinc and other heavy metals – also offers abrasion, UV and chemical protection. Its quick adherence to most clean surfaces such as wood, aluminium, glass, rubber etc., makes it the anti-corrosion coating of choice in homes and industries. In use for more than 40 years, the Rokoat Pro TechShield Rust Inhibitor is recommended for use on railings, lawn mowers, metal surfaces, steel surfaces, scaffolding etc.

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