Top 4 Alarming Signs That Your Roof Is Nearly Leaking

Top 4 Alarming Signs That Your Roof Is Nearly Leaking

Leaking roof can be devastating or the property owner but it never happens overnight. A damaged roof often shows some obvious symptoms, which should not be overlooked.  Are you aware of these roof leak symptoms? If not, take a look here.

Dripping roof is really detrimental

One of the most alarming symptoms of a leaking roof is dripping water from an apparently dry area. If you find any spot from where water is dripping or there is wet patch on the roof, do not overlook it. In these situations, you should contact one of the Canton Michigan roofing contractors for inspection of your roof.

If there is any sign of indoor damage

If you get to see any sign of these indoor damages, there is high chance that your roof is leaking. These signs can be seen in different locations like on house walls, on floor, or on ceiling in the form of

  • Discoloration or unusual stains
  • Water mark
  • Peeling of paint or wallpaper fixed on wall
  • Bubbling

You need to call a roofer to inspect your roof immediately: you may need a roof restoration service shortly. Unless it is done immediately, it may damage the whole infrastructure of the house.

Sign of exterior damage

If your roof is leaking, you may get to see some common symptoms like:

  • Unusual peeling of paint
  • Wet spots without any water contact
  • Discoloration of walls from the side of the building.
  • Growth of mold and mildew can be noticed, which create unhealthy atmosphere in the house.

Mostly these problems occur due to leaky roof as leaky roof catches moisture. It is no point to locate the leak her: rather its right time to call a roofer to get thee roof repair done immediately.

Unusual electrical short circuits

If you have experienced unusual electrical short circuit in a recurring basis, leaky roof and tapped moisturizer can be a reason. If a leaky roof gets in contact of the electrical line of your house, it may create dangerous hazard for you, which should be taken care immediately.

These are 4 alarming signs of your houses’ leaking roof.  In all these cases, you need to contact a qualified roof contractor for immediate repair and restoration of your roof.


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