Top 3 Benefits Of Bidet Seats In Shopping Malls

Top 3 Benefits Of Bidet Seats In Shopping Malls

Have you experienced the urge to use the toilet but you’re in a public place? Two things usually come in mind. Either you will go to the public lo and use the available resources you could gather or give no attention to the stomach cramps. But if the pain persists and becomes disturbing, you may be pushed to really use the public comfort room or look for a public pay toilet. At least, some special rooms have electronic bidet toilet combo. Using it would surely make you feel fresh and clean again especially if it has a bum washing toilet seat.

Such a situation might bring you to thinking, why aren’t all public places like malls and shopping centers have bidet seats? Or at least toilet that washes you with water? Public toilet experience may be a lot different.  To some, it would be a pleasant experience that they may even adopt the system in their household and ask a contractor to install a bidet seat at home.

The following are the advantages of having bidet seats in public places such as malls and shopping hubs.

Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning with water after each toilet use is more sanitary than with paper. For one, water removes germs and bacteria thoroughly than with a tissue paper. An individual also easily feels fresher and cleaner when able to wash every corner of his private part with water. In fact, bacteria may even spread when one wipes the behind with a dry paper.

Less Pressure to Use the Toilet

This especially applies to the elders who would use a public comfort room. It may be difficult for them to bend over and clean self after a bathroom break. Some public restrooms also have minimal space to accommodate another companion inside the cubicle. How would the elders clean themselves if they rely on their nurses or assistant and they can’t fit inside the toilet room? With a bidet, senior citizens can just push the button and clean self-hands-free. They do not need to worry about cleaning the toilet after especially if the bidet unit has a cleansing toilet or self-cleaning feature, too.

Decrease Waste Production

Shopping centers spend hundreds of thousands to budget for tissue paper in each comfort room within the mall. With the use of bidet seats, there would undoubtedly significant decrease in the usage of tissue paper. This improvement would also lead to the mall’s overall reduction in waste production. Likewise, it would save the mall administrator to spend on clogged toilets due to irresponsible flashing of tissue paper in the toilet bowl.

By the way, if you worry about how to clean bidet toilet seat, there are models complete with such kind of function. Furthermore, there are even more sophisticated bidet toilets that are complete with sterilizing function,  water temperature control, and massage and dryer function. All these are designed to save on water and electricity, too, but give the user a totally wonderful bathroom experience.

Bidets in Public Places

There are already many shopping hubs that embrace the bidet system in their public comfort rooms.  No doubt then that shoppers love these malls because of the added feature and comfort they give to the former.

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