Tips for Finding Modern Furniture that Suits Your Living Room

Tips for Finding Modern Furniture that Suits Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where your family spends time together and where you receive and entertain guests. Consequently, it’s crucial to choose furniture that reflects your personal style, creates a pleasant, welcoming appearance and holds up against wear and tear of everyday life.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right modern furniture for your living space.

Planning the Living Area

The biggest mistake homeowners make when they’re shopping for furniture is misjudging its size. A piece that looks great in a showroom with a 20-foot ceiling may not look the same under your 8-foot ceiling at home.

Before purchasing any furniture, make a thorough assessment of the available space. This will not only ensure you use the available space efficiently but also avoid clutter.

Here’s a checklist to help you plan your living area:

Take measurements
Use a tape measure or metre stick to measure the dimensions of the room. Be sure to consider recessed spaces in the room.

Draw a floor plan

Creating a floor plan will help you find out how much space you have to work with. Sketch out the space you can spare for furniture and the different ways the furniture can fit into the room. Remember to leave enough space in between pieces of furniture for someone to walk or to open a door on a nearby cabinet.

Measure all doors, stairways, and elevators

This will not only prevent potential delivery mishaps but also ensure your purchase makes it home.

Stage the space

Once you’ve determined how much space you can work with and the areas you want your potential pieces to go, mark those areas on the floor. You can use masking tape or spread out sheets of newspaper.

Existing architectural details

Your room’s built-in design elements can help you determine the type of furniture that will look best inside the room. For instance, if your living room has a view overlooking the city, a modular sectional sofa may be a better option than vintage chairs.

Picking Pieces

Once you’ve planned your living room, it’s time to turn your attention to furniture. Follow these simple steps to find the right furniture for your living room.

Purchase quality pieces
Look for pieces with sturdy wood frames, heavy cushions, and sinuous steel springs. While good quality furniture may cost you a tidy sum of money, they hold up better and last longer.

Coordinate your pieces

The furniture you purchase must complement other pieces in the room. Otherwise, your living space will look choppy and thrown together. For example, if you have a modern interior, consider purchasing items such as a console table, a stylish glass coffee table, and a high gloss white TV unit.

Choose the best upholstery fabric
For some homeowners, colour is the single biggest factor in fabric selection. However, while colour is important, other factors such as comfort, cleanability, style, mildew and fade resistance and durability are equally important.

Buy furniture that works the best with your space

If you have a small modern living room, consider purchasing a sectional sofa and compact, European sized chairs rather than a sofa set. A high gloss white TV unit can also help make your compact space look bigger and sleeker.

These tips will help you purchase furniture that’ll make your living room look and feel inviting. Just be sure to take your time and choose pieces that you like

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