Tips for Designing Small Kitchens

Tips for Designing Small Kitchens

The kitchen is the most functional area in the house, where it spreads good smell and love through the entire space. A house wouldn’t be a house without a kitchen. However, if you have less space when designing your home, you can still make up for the minimal space by making the kitchen small in size. Many people think small kitchens are not a practical idea. However, by choosing the right designers, you can make the most out of a small space. Here are some tips as to how you can get a small kitchen designed.

Set a priority

If you have less space to set your kitchen, you have to prioritize what you want in the first place. There are so many kitchen appliances that you can come up with. However, if you have limited space, only the ones that you would make use of on a daily basis should be present in the kitchen. This method would help you keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free. It is imperative to keep the kitchen clutter-free, without which you wouldn’t have enough space to move around and get your work done. Make a list of kitchen appliances that you would want to keep in the kitchen. One tip would be to accommodate the refrigerator somewhere close to the kitchen, if not in the kitchen.

Play the color-con game

Colors have the power of giving an illusion of the space being big or small- whatever you choose. If your kitchen space is too small, don’t go for too much contrast. Contrasts might make the kitchen look dingy. Try choosing lighter colors, like beige, light green, light orange, yellow shades, and most importantly, have a hint of white in the kitchen. These colors can make the space look comparatively bigger, making you feel psychologically at ease.

Keep it open

If your kitchen has too many cabinets, it would definitely rob you off any amount of free space that is visible. This is why try leaving some space between cabinets. The idea of not having cabinets doesn’t mean you should not have cabinets in your kitchen at all. You can work your way through this by setting less number of cabinets than you would otherwise. For appliances that you would not be using too often, you can fix high cabinets and stack them there; This will also help you save space.

Setting the right lights

Pretty much like colors, proper lighting can also help a kitchen look bigger than it is. Pendant lights are a good option for small kitchens. They can both cancel out the bluish color that fluorescent lights give off and add more beauty to the kitchen. To make the place look spacious, you can get lights installed right below three or four cabinets; this will make the area look well-lit.

These are how you can make a small kitchen look beautiful and spacious. Check Out 50 great small kitchen design ideas to make your kitchen seem even better.

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