Tips for Buying a Chainsaw for a Woman

Tips for Buying a Chainsaw for a Woman

Using a chainsaw has been predominantly a man’s job because the machine is comparatively heavier and requires strength for operation. However, with changing times, even women have taken to using it. With the advancement of technology; you can find chainsaws specially crafted with a woman in mind. If you are looking to buy the best chainsaw for a woman; you must not only keep the following tips in mind but also verify a particular model from the various useful source of best chainsaw for a woman.

  • Ease of use

The first point of consideration is the ease of use of a chainsaw. It must be lightweight enough and should start and stop easily. Electric chainsaws are often recommended as they have push buttons and start and stop in no time. Compared to it; the gas chainsaws can be quite temperamental.

  • Maneuverability

The chainsaw must be adequately lightweight and easy to maneuver. Models with shorter bars are often recommended for women as they are easier to control especially in tight cutting situations.

  • The saw’s design

The design of the saw is another crucial factor to consider. Ideally, a woman chainsaw should have rear handles along with either a half wrap or a full wrap front handle. Top handle saws require a higher level of skill and dexterity and should be avoided as far as possible. They should also have more convenient features to operate like the tool-less chain tensioning and the automatic oiling systems.

  • Safety features

No woman should buy a chainsaw without adequate safety features. Few features that a woman chainsaw should have are low kickback chains, reduced kickback bars, front and rear hand guards, chain catcher, chain brake, safe start systems, busking spikes, etc.

Apart from the above tips, you must also look into its performance, reliability, build quality and finally its customer ratings before purchasing it.


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