Tips and tricks for cleaning your house

Tips and tricks for cleaning your house

Handy, a company from New York, know the list of things you have to do around the house. Some examples can be: Clean that kitchen. Scrub that bathroom. Sometimes the chore of cleaning the house can overwhelm us. We want a clean house, but we also have a life to live outside the bucket of soapy water. We have a house to manage; kids to chauffer; a job to report to; and relationships to nurture. The key to a clean and organized house lies in organization. So, let me share some tips.

First, make a seven-day calendar with big blocks on it for writing in. Then, on a separate sheet of paper, make a list of all the cleaning chores you must do in a week and how much time each one typically takes.

Second, determine how much time you have each day of the week for cleaning and make up a schedule of what chores you will do on which days. You don’t necessarily need a block of four hours. Smaller blocks of time will also serve your purpose. Maybe you realize you have an hour between work and when you have to pick up the kids on Tuesday. Look at your list and figure out which chore to fit in that timeslot. Write it on your calendar. If you live with anyone else who can wield a dust rag, make life a little easier for yourself. Add their name to the calendar; next to the chore you assign them. In the case of children, this teaches them responsibility at a young age. In the case of a spouse, it will give them good feelings about helping someone they love.

Third, make a list of all your cleaning supplies such as rags, mops, buckets, and trash bags. This list should also include cleaning solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, and floors. Many manufacturers today have developed ecologically and non-toxic solutions that will clean without toxic fumes or damage to the environment when you empty your bucket or flush them down the drain. If you don’t have them on hand, buy them.

Nothing eats up your time like having to run to the store for something.

Fourth, with your completed schedule and calendar hanging on the wall, develop the discipline to stick to it. The best plan in the world will do you no good unless you stick to it. This all serves a two-fold purpose especially if you have recruited your children to help. It teaches them the importance of setting goals, making a plan, and sticking to that plan, but you have to act as their role model in this.

If you set your goal for a clean house, make your plan, and stick to it, you will have a clean and organized house, and at the same time, teach your children a valuable life lesson.

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