The Right Time To Install A New Roof

The Right Time To Install A New Roof

When you decide that you need a new roof, you’ll have to consider what would be the best time to schedule this installation. So, exactly when is it time to install a new roof on your house?

Besides looking for the most convenient time for yourself, meaning you can work it in your schedule and you have the finances figured out. It takes time to find a reputable roofer you can afford and are able to see eye to eye on issues relating to this vital home repair. In addition to that, you must be able to coordinate a time that is ideal to the roofer of your choice.

Keep in mind that there is a peak season in the roofing industry, so it’s likely that the cost to repair your roof in peak season, may actually be more expensive than in slower work seasons. However, homeowners must also remember that the materials you prefer in your new roof installation may be temperature *****, which will limit the time-frame of the install.

Some experts suggest that you’ll get more value for your dollar if you install a new roof in the fall because most homeowners choose spring or summer seasons for the repair. Towards the end of the roof installation season, you’ll likely get the company of choice at a much better price. However, it isn’t as simple as that! In fact, many roofers like replacing roofs in the fall because it is actually peak season for them. They know that homeowners need a fix before the winter comes along, with all its severe weather that could cause leaks and other damage to a home.

Roofing contractors, in their slow season, will likely give you a better price, especially if you’re a good negotiator. Since they’ll be less busy, they’ll also do a better job, without feeling rushed and stressed, and the project will probably start at the right time for you!

Of course, each contractor is different, and much of the criteria will also vary from one place to another. Also, well established and reputable roofing contractors may have work lined up for all the workable seasons, so these perks may not always be feasible.

The key to getting a reputable roofing contractor to do your roof on your terms is to shop around. Never go for the one that seems too good to be true because it’s almost a certainty that it is. Look for testimonials and references as well as the age of the company. Your goal is to ensure you get quality materials, quality labor, and a warranty that will protect you.

When it comes to new roof installations, you, as a consumer, want it all. In the slow season, when the industry is more competitive, roofing companies cut deals to get more work so they can have a more profitable year.

It’s also imperative for homeowners to do their homework with regards to the materials they want on their new roof. Materials like asphalt shingles must be installed during warmer temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or they may crack. Meanwhile, metal shingles are good to go in any temperature, but EPDM Rubber Membranes need warmer temperature so that the adhesive can dry.

When is it Time to Install a New Roof on Your House?

First, consider the age of the existing roof. An asphalt shingle roof will last up to 25 years. If the shingles are curling, there’s another sign, as is the buckling of the shingles.

The all-important valleys should be inspected and if shingles are missing in such areas, leaks can occur. Equally important is the chimney flashing, and if it consists of tar or cement made for roofs, it needs updating with a metal flashing system.

At the end of roof shingles life cycle, you will likely find granules in your gutters. An inspection, either by yourself or by an expert will determine if you need a new roof. One other way to tell is by walking on the existing roof. If it isn’t solid, it could be that the decking under the shingles has been compromised by moisture. Also, check for leaks or moisture in the insulation in the attic.

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