The Quickest & Easiest Way To CORDLESS DRILL

The Quickest & Easiest Way To CORDLESS DRILL

Impact drills are one of the bestselling tools in the world. They are also known as hammer drills, they are a must-have in the toolkit of every worker in the area of construction. With it, you can work on projects that involve materials such as wood, concrete, linoleum floors, PVC pipe, and also decoration and DIY jobs.

With a robust and compact design, the DeWalt DCD985M2-QW is considered one of the best impact cordless drill because it belongs to the latest generation of wireless tools that incorporates the innovative battery XR 4.0Ah Li-Ion to ensure greater performance and autonomy.

This powerful drill can reach up to 34000 impacts per minute thanks to the 500W of force that your engine counts on. The best thing about this equipment is that depending on the work to be done you can adjust the impact in three speeds and even use the reversible mode by varying the speed in the same three levels.

The handle of the DCD985M2 has an ergonomic design to offer a firm and comfortable grip for the operator, in addition, the intelligent trigger to start the drill gives the user full control in each use.

Customers highlight the appearance and strength of the storage case that is ideal to move the equipment to the workplace in an orderly and lightweight because it only weighs 2.5kg, and the two batteries included allow you to use the drill without worrying about the power.

In addition to taking into account the budget and costs of a large number of drills in the market, it is important to be clear about the positive aspects of each model. That’s why we describe the DeWalt model, which for many is the best brand of impact drills.


It has 22 positions of tightening torque that you can adjust and thus achieve maximum precision of this product.


It has an LED light that will facilitate work in low light areas and thus accomplish the task comfortably.


It includes a clamp that will be very useful to take the drill in the belt. This will be important to mobilize it in an easy and simple way.


The battery, the power and the number of impacts per minute give it a great capacity to fulfil its drill function in both wood and metal.


It has an intelligent trigger that allows a great performance and the best regulation and control of all its functions.

In a nutshell, this model stands out for its portability and easy handling. The impact drill next to the screwdriver is compact, lightweight, ergonomic and wireless tools. You will not have to mess around in the cable and limiting your work looking for a plug. They work with Lithium Ion battery that offers freedom of movement and manoeuvrability. This cordless drill is accompanied by a cordless impact screwdriver, presented in a complete case with which you will not need anything else to do any work. Indeed, it is the best Dewalt cordless drill.

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