The Essential Plumbing Services for Your Pleasure

The Essential Plumbing Services for Your Pleasure

Often faced with the need to redo the plumbing, we are faced with the choice of material to be used for new pipes. The alternatives to take into consideration are copper, polyethylene and, its successor, multilayer.

Copper pipes

From the performance point of view copper is a shock-resistant material, which can therefore be used for any type of pipe, and at the same time lends itself to being easily folded. It is an extremely durable material over the years, and this ensures systems that remain reliable even after decades of their construction. Furthermore, the weldability of copper makes it an easily repairable material, should the need arise, without having to resort to skilled labor.

Multilayer pipe

The multilayer pipe, which is replacing the old polyethylene pipe, due to the great problems of crystallization it involved, is a new type of pipes, always composed of polyethylene but cross-linked, or subjected to a chemical process that strengthens the molecular structure and it increases its resistance to heat. An intermediate aluminum layer is also inserted, necessary to keep the curvature of the pipe impressed. The junctions between the different tubes are made with special pressing tongs and held with high density orings. It is easy to lay, and you can also make the curves by hand while using the bending tool with copper.

The Right Point of View

From the point of view of the physical-mechanical characteristics, despite the multilayer pipe guarantees fair performance, copper is far superior in both durability and resistance. But it is not just for this that its use is preferred.

  • In fact, analyzing what concerns the safety of our health, copper, being a natural material, which for millennia has been used in the production of food and beverage conduits and containers, guarantees us its total absence of toxicity, proven by the long-lasting use . It is a completely waterproof material, so it does not absorb organic substances, moreover thanks to the bacteriostatic properties it presents, it prevents the reproduction of viruses and bacteria that can be found in water coming from old iron pipes.
  • As for the heating system, also in this case the use of copper is also a mandatory choice, as the multilayer when it reaches high temperatures, undergoes considerable thermal expansion, and in the long run can generate annoying losses at the points of connection.

Finally, the environmental aspect must also be considered; copper is a 100% recyclable material, and its use greatly reduces the environmental impact, both in the realization and in hypothetical future disposal.

Unfortunately, the lack of information and the lower competence of the “do-it-yourself” client does not take into account all these valid considerations. The plumber we rely on, using multilayer pipes, gets a big savings on materials, leaving the price of the plant unchanged, thus increasing its profits. So the tendency of the sector operator is certainly to use this system massively.


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