Specialist in Electronic Leak Inspection

Specialist in Electronic Leak Inspection

Hunting lease Goiania specializes in detecting leaks in hydraulic and hydrosanitary networks, pressurized and non-pressurized in the exact location.

Technology used

Electronic device with filter, noise correlator, tracer gas, material detector, video inspection, thermography among other technologies that provides us the maximum quality of the exact location of leaks.

High Account Refund
In case of high water bill we provide the technical report required by the local sanitation company to carry out the request. Learn why your water bill is coming high Find out if your hydrometer is faulty Find out if airflow is getting counted through your hydrometer

Do not waste time!

Schedule a visit already, we are anxious to serve you, we offer excellence in service and facilities in direct payment with the technician. Hire anyone who really understands the subject, do not be an apprentice guinea pig. We are qualified in the field!

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