Space-saving interior design ideas for your small home

Space-saving interior design ideas for your small home

The home reflects inhabitant’s personality; you spend a great deal of time and money to make the home look more attractive, comfortable, and beautiful. But it is next to impossible to find a big home in cities like Dubai. You have a limited space to decorate, in such situations, it is really helpful to invest in carpentry service Dubai, that design furniture that fits the size of your home and also serves as smart storage. Interior decorators in Dubaihave great ideas for making a small home look beautiful, feel comfortable and clutter free. In this article, we will discuss some spaces saving interior design ideas to help you in maximizing every inch of a small space-

Colour it right

It is very important to use light neutral shades to make your room feel bigger, lighter and cooler. These include neutrals, whites, and pale blues or greens. Choose one light colour for walls and similar shade with a slight variation for furniture and furnishing materials. You can add the same colour cushion covers and carpets to make space look more beautiful.

Darker colours and textured walls can create more of a confined vibe, so they are best to be avoided when picking a colour scheme for a small home.

Add beautiful Greens

Bring a lively atmosphere to your home by decorating beautiful bonsai and creepers in the living area or balcony. You can also create a vertical garden on the terrace.

Create a memory wall

One best way to make your living room brighter is possible by creating a Wall of memory. You can hang beautiful family pictures from your holidays instead of expensive painting. You can divide the wall into halves and the lower half of the wall for cabinets and the upper portion can be filled with beautiful photo frames. This is a smart utilization of space.

Window magic

Always keep the decor to minimum small space and place the bed near the window.  Substitute the Small Windows with large French windows as it brings the natural light and warmth inside. This will make the room look and feel spacious.

Design a beautiful closet

Closest can be beautiful and wooden that was it can be used for multi-purpose. Think out of the box, add a cushion on the closets and modified them into beautiful cosy couches. This predefined roll keeps your space clean and more organized. Or professionals at Interior decoration companies in Dubai can help you with a better design.

Choose attractive sanitary ware

Create attractive illusions by using designer tiles with graphic designs on it. This will change the look and makes space look bigger. Replace the old shower curtains with shower doors made of glass how to make the bathroom feel roomy.

Make it clutter free

The best method to begin with the cleaning up process is to make a list of what you truly require in your space. When you have set up what is essential, it will be easy work to remove the old furniture and unimportant clutter.

Simple is the best

Make sure not to overdo the decor not even with the ceiling part. The heavy false ceiling, dazzling lights can make the room look smaller. Use simple wooden panels with a designer lampshade instead of a heavy chandelier. Add beautiful wall decors and arty-crafts on the walls, just remember simple is always the best.

Plan it efficiently

Make simple changes like removing unnecessary words small house how to make it feel special. It is always better to have one large spacious room rather than having many small congested rooms.

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