Some Inexpensive Basement Ceiling Ideas

Some Inexpensive Basement Ceiling Ideas

A standard basement ceiling is a simple maze of plumbing pipes, wires, and ductwork. But you can hide all those arrangements with a finish basement ceiling by  Snap Clip if you are going to flourish your basement with Suspended Ceiling. choose from thousand of Suspended ceiling options. It will give your basement instant likelihood as a desirable and classic living place.

Achieving a good basement ceiling often involves some compromises. In places, where ductwork or plumbing pipes are inferior to the joists, making it difficult to have a beautiful, sleek, constant ceiling.

We will give you some advice about those problems.

Hide ductwork with Paint

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to complete a basement ceiling is to paint every possible ductwork you saw in your basement. A monochromatic ceiling hides all the ducts, wires, and pipes— it’s a method usually used in modern spaces that convert basements to cafe houses and shops.

You can go to paint sprayer because it’s easy to coat all the various features from different angles. You can use Black, and some other dark colors are more efficient than light colors for masking components.

 Installing Drop Ceilings:  If you have a standard basement ceiling, then you can go for easy to install Suspended Ceiling. We often call it a drop ceiling, it effectively hides pipes and ductwork. You have to just put tiles into a metal grid or frame that would hang on the wire to the joist. If you are doubtful about how to select Suspend ceiling. Don’t think twice go head with Suspended Basement ceiling from Snap Clip. The advantage to install suspended Ceiling is the following:

  1. It’s easy to install.
  2. Easy to repair if a damaged.
  3. It is Easy to check your plumbing, wires troubleshoot.

Why Choose Snap Clip

Basement Ceiling from Snap Clip offers you acrylic or mineral fiber tiles at the very affordable price. You can also find decorative pressed metal and other cool designs basement ceiling from Snap Clip.

Wooden Planks: Wooden Planks are traditional-style space, which looks super enchanting. The white wooden planks turn the flat ceiling into the fresh one. Moreover, they fit in the monochromatic space scheme.

Box Ceiling: Box Ceiling is One of the most exquisite trademarks in the older homes is box ceiling. It serves as the architectural facelift. When your family members step into the basement, their eyes are drawn to the overhead structure.

Corrugated Metal Ceiling:  The corrugated metal sheets flash the light as well as bringing the embellishing and textural factor to space.  The owner of the house grasps how to build a home office feel complete.

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