Snowblower Safety

Snowblower Safety

If you live in a region where the winter months come with several doses of heavy snow, then you know what an enormous job it can be to clear a driveway, sidewalk, or road with an ordinary snow shovel. For one thing, it can take hours, and worse- it can pose a major hazard to your health. According to numerous studies, about 100 Americans suffer from either a heart attack or stroke each year while shoveling snow from their yards or workplace. Snow shoveling also comes with the risk of back injury from repeated twisting while bearing a heavy load.

By using high-quality Ariens snowblowers, you can get the job done faster, more easily, and much more safely. Ariens manufactures well-built and rugged snowblowers and is a trusted name just about every place where snow falls heavily. And while using an Ariens snowblower is much safer than shoveling snow manually, there are still some safety tips that you should keep in mind before, and during use.


  • Do not wear loose or ill fitting clothing such as baggy pants, long scarves, or long jackets while operating your snowblower. You should also make sure your shoelaces are tied and tucked in fully.
  • Use proper ear protection, especially with gas powered snowblowers as these can generate greater than 85 decibels- which can damage your hearing. You should also use full eye protection.
  • Be sure to remove items that can get caught up in the blower before the snow falls. Objects like lawn decorations, doormats, boards, yard toys, newspapers, or anything that could cause damage to the machine or become a projectile.
  • Never allow children to operate a snowblower.
  • Make sure people and pets keep a safe distance during operation.
  • Do not start your snowblower in an enclosed area such as a garage or shed as carbon monoxide can cause poisoning injury.
  • Be sure to shut the snowblower down completely before clearing any clogs from the spinning blade area. Do not use your hands to clear the clog, unless the blower is in a fully safe, shutdown state. Use a broom handle instead if you have any doubts about the machine.
  • Always wait until the engine has cooled down before adding fuel to avoid accidental gasoline ignition.
  • Always keep in mind that extremely cold temperatures and physical exhaustion are a dangerous combination. Using Ariens snowblowers is a good way to avoid this situation. However, if you find yourself getting tired or out of breath, it is best to take a break, have a warm drink, and wait until you have recovered before continuing.


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