Seven Ways to Make New Converts

Seven Ways to Make New Converts

Many individuals select a church based on their relationships, family members, people they know to invite them, members of the congregation who extend genuine hospitality, caring about the needs and interests of visitors. The grail shouldn’t be to initiate a relationship and to get the person to attend the church. Rather, at its appropriate time, invite that person to among a sanctuary ministry, as a way or means to strengthen a relationship that will contribute to your life. However, before making new converts, you should have their comfortability at heart, ranging from their parking space, adequate church pews and to the church atmospheric condition. Here are steps to assure you of an increased congregation.

Training in Evangelization

Most people attend church because of intimacy with someone who already attends. Firstly, it’s necessary to underline the importance of having a relationship with a person before inviting her to the Sunday service, to be among a mission, service or ministry. The training should also include how and when to share the faith. Some important things:

Use the Strengths and Interests of the People

Connect with people based on what you know about them, their interests and needs. To reach people outside the church, you should have enough knowledge of their personal lives. Only then can we tell you how being among the community of faith will improve their lives.

Personalized Invitations

Special moments such as Christmas, Holy Week, baptisms and other occasions give us the opportunity to invite those who do not go to church personally. Personalized invitations are an excellent stimulus to achieve participation.

Display Posters

Distribute signs that can be situated in the courtyard of the homes of church members. They could also put up signs for unusual events, respecting municipal ordinances.

In conclusion, the whole team should be a partaker in actualizing this mission because it shows uniqueness, love, and likewise unity. You should display a typical example to the individuals you desire to convert.

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