Selecting the Perfect Color For The Quartz Countertop In Your Kitchen

Selecting the Perfect Color For The Quartz Countertop In Your Kitchen

When it comes to home finishes, quartz is trending, as it is used frequently as the new granite in new buildings. It’s non-porous, water resistant and adds more beauty to the aesthetics of the interiors of a house. It is available in different colors and can be patterned for any interior setting since it is manmade. It has been observed to add lots class and style to your kitchen when used for the countertop.  

Selecting the perfect color for the quartz countertop in the kitchen may not be that difficult as many people assume. Actually, you don’t require a special training as an interior designer to know what is suitable for your house, all you need as is more careful and thoughtful observation for the possible blends. To this end, we present some helpful tips below to consider when making choices with regards the right color of the quartz counters in the kitchen.

#1: Look out for hints

Looking out for hints is a good place to start in selecting a color for your quartz countertop. This step involves considering the color of other parts of the kitchen like the color of the cabinets, the paint of the walls as well as the color of the wallpapers. After this careful observation, depending on your color preferences you can choose the suitable complementary colors for your quartz countertops that will bring out the aesthetics of your kitchen.

#2: Matching colors

If you are an individual that loves sophistication and brilliance with regards to the interior of your home, then you will also love to go for the colors that provide the right balance for your kitchen. A good recommendation is a flashy quartz countertop color for a kitchen that has a darker upper part. When the cabinets are of white color then you freely choose any color for the quartz counters in the kitchen. However, if have lots of appliances made of stainless steel then you might need saturated colors like yellow or red to bring a balance in the blend of colors.

#3: Choosing the right colors

Let’s assume you are designing your kitchen from the scratch and you desire to have the perfect blend of colors, it becomes important that you carefully choose your colors. Start first by choosing a color for your cabinets sets then proceed for the countertops and these choices deduce a perfect match for the kitchen floor.  You should ensure that the color of the quartz chosen should contrast the color of the cabinets. Cabinets with dark brown color can go together with a light brown, white, golden or ivory-colored quartz countertop. A light brown or gray or white colored countertop will be suitable with a neutral colored cabinet and made other beautiful combinations.

With these tips, selecting a perfect color for your quartz countertop will be less stressful and be a more enjoyable experience. Even if you wouldn’t want to go for experts like Everest Granite to help you out, you should be able to make a good decision with these tips.


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