Roofing material that provides better longevity

Roofing material that provides better longevity


Roofing is one of the most important parts of building a house because it is going to protect your house from all the harmful elements of the weather. Roofing should be immediately replaced or repaired from Roofer New York City in order to avoid accidents.


There are several types of roofing material available in the market, but some of the durable materials are listed below like Roofing Queens, NY.


  • Wood single: Wood is the organic material and this material will help you by giving the roofing a lifespan of 25 years. Though it is prone to decay and weathering, you must check for the correct or split shingles as well as control the growth of moss in order to increase the durability. Otherwise, it is flat and thin and is an efficient roofing material.


  • Clay tile: This roofing material will give you the roofing lifespan of hundred years. Even if you are travelling to South America or Spain you can see a lot of houses which uses this clay tile as the roofing material. If you are installing this material make sure you are not walking on it because it can break it and try to clean it with a dry towel. Replace the broken or cracked tiles immediately.


  • Slate roofing: Slate roofing will provide you a lifespan of 100 years as it is very durable and all the other material will look like the rice paper in front of it. Slates are actually real stone which is laid on the thick roof. It requires a lot of strength for holding up the heavy slate roofing. While installing this roofing the flashing must be properly installed and whenever the copper flashing is turning black it is the time for replacing it.

  • Wood shake shingle: This roofing will provide durability of 35 to 40 years because it is very much thicker when compared to that of the wooden shingles. This roofing material can easily resist harsh weather condition and even the UV rays. This roofing will need proper maintenance and try to eliminate the moss from it.


So this is a small overview of the types of roofing which you can try in order to make the roofing last longer. Every roofing will serve you for a good amount of time if you can maintain it properly. After the installation, it is the duty of the homeowners to do some routine check on the roofing to look for the cracks or broken part.



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