Roof Clean-Up: The Essential Part Of Roof Maintenance

Roof Clean-Up: The Essential Part Of Roof Maintenance

If your roof has been collecting dirt from a few years, it may put a detrimental impact on the life span of the roof. Moss Dirt and algae may cause moisture trapping on the shingles that prevent the right amount of sunlight from penetrating and warming your home. Regular roof clean-up increases the life span of a roof as well as to prevent it from damages. If you can’t clean your roof on your own, you may hire roofing Burlington by D’Angelo and Sons. They offer the best roofing services in Burlington includes Roof installment, roof repairing, roof cleanup, and roof replacement.

When does the roof need to be cleaned?

Roof maintenance is necessary for its long lasting life span as well as to keep it attractive. A few signs that ask for roof cleaning are rationalized below:

  • If your roof has any visible stains that appear as dark streaks, it means that your roof needs to be cleaned.
  • If you have collected a pile of debris or a pile of leaves from the last few days on your roof, it may be blown off your roof and it is a definite sign of roof cleaning.
  • If moss, mildew, or algae has been growing on any part of your roof from the last few days, it is a visible sign that roof cleaning is required.

Roof Cleaning Cost

You may clean your roof in several different ways. You may either clean your roof by your own with the right equipment or hire a professional for getting it clean done. If there is just dirt and mildew has collected on your roof, you can use a garden sprayer to remove them. On the other hand, Moss and algae need professional to be removed.

Your roof cleaning cost depends on different factors such as; what material it is made of, its condition, size of your roof, and what is being removed from it. The cost may vary from $470 to $600 according to the different factors.


Usually, people do not like roof cleaning because it is one of the most monotonous jobs in the world. But, if the roof cleaning is done on twice in a year, it can extend the life span of your roof, as well as help to maintain curb appeal. If you are one of them who do not like cleaning chores, you may hire a professional for getting it done.


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