Roman Blinds Vs. Roller Blinds – What’s The Difference?

Roman Blinds Vs. Roller Blinds – What’s The Difference?

Roman Blinds and roller blinds are very well demanded and used in most modern homes today.  While roller Blinds are made using stiff and sturdy fabric, Roman blinds contain slats or double rods in them. So what makes Roman Blinds and roller Blinds different?  If you are confused between the two, read out this article and come to a conclusion as to what you would need to buy right after:

Roller blinds:

Roller Blinds is a type of blind that features a spring mechanism,  with which the user can roll up or completely unroll to  uncover  or cover the window respectively.  As mentioned earlier, roller Blinds are made using specially treated, stiff fabric, which can unfold to partially or fully cover the window, and then be rolled back up later whenever you need to let in light from the outside.  Depending on your requirement, you could opt for roller blinds online made with either a semi-sheer or a thick blackout material, both of which are suitable for use in the bedroom.

Roman blinds:

Roman Blinds is a type of a pull-down blind.  When the cords are pulled together, a fold will be created in the fabric.  As you raise the blind higher, more folds will be created only to fully open it. Roman blinds are neater and less complex than curtains.  Most Roman blinds today come with a safety mechanism to protect the user from any possible accidents.  For those who would like to let some light in, opt for a semi sheer material.  For those who prefer a full blackout look, you can choose a blackout fabric instead.

Roller Blinds & Roman Blinds – Which Costs More?

Roman blinds and roller blinds online are available in a range of designs and price points.  The size, the quality of the mechanism, and the type of fabric determines the cost of the blind you would need to buy. Both the blind types come with different options catering to your budget.

As additional slats are required to produce the folds, Roman blinds are relatively costlier than roller blinds. However, it is ideal that you check out both roller and Roman Blinds, and see which one suits best for you.  Look for all the options available, considering your budget.

Blending Roman Blinds And Roller Blinds For Your Home:

Undoubtedly, both Roman and roller blinds online are great choices for your home.  Using curtains can sometimes make your room feel smaller than it actually is.  On the flip side, Blinds will create a neater and appealing appearance for your room.  Make sure you match the style of a blind with the interior decor, to give it a more chic and polished look.

So why wait? Explore the different styles of roller and roman blinds online, and make your choice today!


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