Rock Salt Distributors

Rock Salt Distributors

When you’re looking for rock salt distributors in your area there are a few things that you should keep in mind. While pricing is always a priority, you’ll need to make sure that you get a high quality product for your money. Our company is committed to delivering the highest quality rock salt at a reasonable price for large contracting companies that need it in bulk and for smaller businesses and individuals.

Rock salt combines sodium chloride with small gravel pieces so there is more traction provided once it is laid down. It is the most cost-effective product when compared to the other ice melts in the marketplace and performs well in temperatures that are just below the freezing mark. Other melting products should be considered, such as magnesium or calcium chloride, if you need something that performs in colder temperatures.

Once the rock salt is applied to a surface the area cannot refreeze again once it has melted. This type of salt really does its job and due to its low-cost feature it is one of the most common melting products used by cities, towns and contractors across the country.

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Whether you are looking for a distributor that offers rock salt by the bag or in pallets, we have you covered. Rock salt is easy to handle and store and is the most common deicer on the market today. It has the ability to melt snow and ice and there are also products available containing sand to add extra traction to ground surfaces.

While this miracle salt product offers all of these benefits it does come with some limitations. Concrete that is only one year old or less will usually crack if rock salt is placed on it. As well, it should not be used around any type of wildlife since it can kill plants and grass on contact. It should also not be used around a home where pets will be walking since an animal can become very sick or even die if it eats some of the salt. It also causes irritation to pets if they walk on it so other salt options should be explored in these types of scenarios.

There are different products available and they all offer their own melting capabilities based on weather conditions and temperatures. Rock salt has been the hands-down leader in this field of products, however, due to its high-performance rating and cost-effectiveness. For regular use on city roads, parking lots and individual residences where it will be applied away from wildlife and pets, it is the go-to salt solution that offers the most benefits at the lowest price point.

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