Resin Flooring in Industrial Environments

Resin Flooring in Industrial Environments

Regardless of the working environment that you operate in; you will almost always benefit from a brand new, hard wearing resin flooring system. A professionally installed resin flooring system has a much longer list of practical uses and will undoubtedly drastically improve the overall look and feel of your working environment. This occurs through a number of factors such as durability, colour, material, patterns and graphics. Here we will look into the many benefits of changing to an industrial flooring system and how they can significantly improve the aesthetic of your working environment, and we will hopefully provide an insight into the work that goes into these complex systems.

Resin Flooring in Manufacturing Industry

Alongside the overall aesthetic improvements, resin floors are a fantastic solution for the oil and gas industries. Then resins are designed specifically for the use with these industries in mind, with the floor compound providing a clean, tough, and durable coating. There are so many dangerous, damaging and hostile environments within various industry sectors, where a hard wearing floor can be an invaluable feature. These damaging components and environments can include high impact loads, corrosive chemicals, and heavy foot traffic. A high quality resin floor has the ability to withstand all of these and more.

Resin Flooring in Food, Beverage, & Medical Industries

Hygiene and cleanliness is of vital importance within the food, beverage, and medical industries. Despite the fact these industries are quite far apart where similarities are concerned, their need for only the best in hygiene is identical. A hard wearing epoxy resin floor is completely seamless, unlike floors such as tiled and laminate. A resin floors’ ability to withstand cracks and scratches allows for incredibly easy; as well as their ability to be laid on top of previously existing concrete or metal floors, dramatically reducing the costs of replacement flooring. Hygiene may be a significantly important factor, but so is health and safety. Anti-slip properties are completely invaluable in a busy kitchen, bar, or medical environment, as spillages occur regularly and could caused severe injuries.

Resin Flooring in Retail & Residential

It is certainly becoming clear that the versatility of an epoxy resin floor is one of the key factors in choosing this flooring solution. The integration of company colours and logos within retail properties can be incredibly useful, allowing companies to have a completely bespoke colour scheme for corridors, shop floors, reception areas and more. With more fantastic styles and colours becoming available as the technology moves forward, it is the perfect time to contact your local industrial flooring experts to discuss how epoxy resin can benefit you and your industry sector.

Should you wish to find out more about quality resin flooring in various industry sectors, as well as domestic garage flooring, get in touch with your nearest epoxy resin flooring Installation Company. These professional experts are always happy to discuss your flooring projects and provide as much information as you require, establishing an idea of how much work will be going into the project. Once this has been established, the installation company will be able to provide a solid quotation that covers the extent of the work, with no additional or surprise costs.

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