Requirements For Being A Crime Scene Cleaner In Philadelphia

Requirements For Being A Crime Scene Cleaner In Philadelphia

Crime scene cleanup in Philadelphia is not an easy job. In other words, this job is very much demanding. There is a wide range of situations that you will have to manage as a crime scene cleaner. Therefore, to survive in this line of business, you must be able to compose yourself in a professional way when faced with unattended deaths and homicides. If you are interested in becoming a crime scene cleaner, gaining a better understanding of what the job entails will do you so much good before beginning the training. Here are crime scene cleanup frequently asked questions.

What are the skills, training, and background requirements for crime scene cleanup?

Most states do not require crime scene cleaners to possess certification or a college degree. However, it is crucial that a cleaner has the following:


There is a wide range of tragic circumstances that a crime scene cleaner encounters. These encounters are horrific and a cleaner should be able to provide the families of the victims with support and reassurance.


A crime scene cleaners job is physically challenging. Some of the situations they encounter require them to wear protective clothing such as respirators, full-face masks, biohazard suits, and multiple sets of gloves.


You are required to have some level of training before being employed by a crime scene cleanup company as a cleaner. This training educates the cleaner on safety risks such as blood-borne pathogens exposure, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and best practices. During the training, you will learn about how to avoid cross contamination, methods for personal protection, and techniques for cleaning body fluids and removing odors.


Cleaners are trusted by clients with their safety, personal property, and homes. All this requires a person with integrity. Apart from that, potential employers subject cleaners to random drug and background tests, which they need to pass to be employed.


Incidents requiring the services of crime scene cleaners sometimes occur during odd hours. This means that you need to have serious dedication to the work and be flexible enough to avail yourself whenever duty calls.

Attention to detail

There are so many health risks involved in this line of work. Therefore, you have to be someone who pays close attention to detail and follows protocol.

What exactly do crime scene cleaners do?

The job of a crime scene cleaner involves cleaning and sanitizing places scenes including vehicles, business, and homes where industrial accidents, suicides, homicides, and other traumatic incidents have occurred. When carrying out their duties, these professionals should demonstrate compassion towards those affected. As part of the job, the cleaners are supposed to help the family of the victims recover. They should do so by relieving them of the cleanup burden by making sure their home is cleaned and sanitized and safe for habitation.

How is this different from a typical Philadelphia cleaning service?

Unlike typical cleaning services, which just clean, crime scene cleanup Philadelphia companies completely sanitize the scene of the incident. They ensure the area is sanitized by using special cleaning agents that typical agents cannot. Some of the scenes they sanitize include:

Unattended death scenes

These are scenes where a decomposing body is found. Such a scene can cause a very detrimental effect on the home and even affect the well-being and safety of those living in and around that scene if it is not taken care of.

Accident and suicide scenes

One should exercise extreme caution when cleaning up blood and other biological matter. Cleaners are equipped with the tools and knowledge to sanitize such a scene thoroughly and safely, therefore, making sure that it is safe for others.

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