Reimagine More Space in the Living Room: Don’t Miss These Hacks

Reimagine More Space in the Living Room: Don’t Miss These Hacks

Contemporary homeowners have a common concern when it comes to designing homes – Space. Most of us struggle with interior ideas, simply because there isn’t enough space to try new things. The living room usually needs more attention, as this is the focal point of the house and often is the center of conversations and family time. In this post, we bring in a few easy hacks that will help in adding more space to the living room, both aesthetically and practically.

Mirrors make the cut

Mirrors are used by interior experts in small rooms, often because these add an illusion of space. You can choose to get the kind of mirror you want, but the big ones always add extra visual dimension. If you place one on the big wall, it creates space in form of reflection, while placing one on the wall opposite to the window brings in more natural light. There are various shapes and styles to choose from, which is a big advantage.

Create a feature wall

Some of the best Pinterest-worthy homes have a feature wall, and it does make a difference because the attention shifts to the wall itself. You can choose to create a simple wall, which includes some of the best paintings and artifacts in the house, or it is also an option to contact one of the interior designers, who can suggest ideas based on the theme of the room.

Use lighting with attention

Changing the use of light sources makes a big difference that people often don’t understand. For example, if you place a few focus lights on some of the metal surfaces in the living room, these surfaces will reflect light, which kind of adds visual feel to the room. Lights also bring in more ambience in any room, so instead of one source, try and include as many sources as you can, in form of table lamps, ceiling lights and chandeliers.

Get the TV on the wall

Many homes still have an entertainment unit, which doesn’t really make any sense, especially in a clumped living room. You can remove the unit and get the TV on the wall. It will not affect your viewing experience in any manner and will also free up the floor space. In fact, some of the new-age TV mounts are extremely effective and offer more diverse viewing experience.

Consider a sliding door

Regular push/pull doors kind of take more space, which is why even the big living rooms have sliding doors. Yes, this may be a tad more expensive affair to replace the door, but you will gain a lot of extra floor space. If the visual aspect of it is concerning you, keep in mind that sliding doors allow more natural light, and it is always possible to replace interior door furniture for aesthetic needs.

What are you waiting for? Redesigning the living room is more about right ideas, and if you can use some of these that we mentioned, you will see a steady difference as how the entire area feels and looks like.

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