Popular DesignBoard Questions, Answered

Popular DesignBoard Questions, Answered

DesignBoard is an up and coming composite decking solution in which is growing in popularity each day. DesignBoard is simply amazing – It looks just like traditional wooden decking however comes with all of the amazing benefits in which composite boasts. What more could anyone want?

However, with more and more people now choosing DesignBoard for their outdoor spaces, more and more questions are arising. After all, we all want to know as much as possible about the things that we buy. There are however questions that seem to be asked repeatedly by buyers, and today we are going to be answering just some of these for all…. If you are interested in purchasing DesignBoard and have any questions, look below to see if we have answered them for you…

Popular DesignBoard Questions and Answers


Is DesignBoard available in different colours? Yes. DesignBoard is available in a whopping 20 different colours, allowing for all to choose options which are 100% suited to their individual needs and requirements.


Is ever piece of DesignBoard the same?  DesignBoard pieces are all exactly the same size and the exact same base colour. However, DesignBoard boasts a range of different patterns to provide variation and to ensure that DesignBoard looks as much like traditional wood as possible.

Does DesignBoard fade overtime? DesignBoard does fade over time but much slower than other flooring solutions. DesignBoard fades at roughly 1% per year whereas traditional timber fades at a much quicker 17% per year.

Is DesignBoard available in different sizes? The width of DesignBoard is fixed at 150mm however; the length can be adjusted to suit everyone’s individual spaces.

How is DesignBoard installed? DesignBoard is installed using an invisible clipping system – it is incredibly easy to install and does not require professional assistance.

How do you clean DesignBoard? DesignBoard is very easy to clean and can typically be clean using nothing but water and a brush. Stains however should be removed as and when they are spotted to ensure DesignBoard is able to look as great as possible.




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