Pool Installations For Inground And Above Ground Projects

Pool Installations For Inground And Above Ground Projects

If you have a large backyard and the money to spare, then a swimming pool could be the best thing that you can add to the space. It will surely provide endless hours of fun for you and the family. Plan it well so you won’t have any regrets or unwanted surprises later on. For example, choose between an inground pool and an above ground pool. Get a reputable contractor with a long experience in pool installations. Below are the things that you can expect once the construction starts:

Inground Pool Installation

You will have to put up with weeks of inconvenience before you are able to enjoy a nice pool of your own. The length of time required will depend mostly on the size of the pool and the complexity of the design. In any case, it will have to start with an excavation if you are aiming for an inground pool. The perimeter will be marked to ensure that no tree or other structure is affected. Underground utilities such as water pipes and sewage lines also have to be checked. Heavy equipment will be rented to dig the hole quickly.

Next comes the framing which will be crucial in an effort to keep the structure rigid and in place. Remember that the water will move and exert a great deal of pressure on the walls. These have to be extremely strong to prevent cracks and eventual collapse. The bottom of the pool will also have to be smoothed out and shaped as desired. All of the plumbing and wiring will be set in place. Next will come the framing of the framing of deck and the walkway.

Once the underlying structures are soundly installed, the builder (recommended – pool builder Bakersfield company) can move on to the finishing. This will be the crowning glory of the pool. The deck will be dressed up in beautiful natural stone and the surroundings might even get a bit of landscaping. Water features may be installed. The floor and the walls will get waterproofing treatment before being filled with water. This type of pool is popular because it can look really good with a seamless transition from the back of the house to the waters.

Above Ground Pool Installation

There are cases wherein an inground pool may not be possible, perhaps due to the existing structures below the ground. An above ground pool could suffice, especially as it also has the added benefits of being easier and faster to build. Some are finished within just a few days. Although professional installation is recommended, people have been able to do this as a DIY project with the help of their friends. You may give it a try if you are a reasonably competent builder with experience with similar structures. Be sure to comply with local pool installations regulation.

The best thing about this kind of pool is that you no longer have to dig anything. The entire pool will site atop the ground. The only thing that you have to do to prepare the site is to level the soil. Next, sand will be spread across the area to create a good foundation.

Construction can then move on to framing. Adding supports will give the pool added stability for the walls. The decks and walkways will also be framed before the plumbing and wiring can be put in place. The main thing is to keep them out of the pool entrance which tend to be the busiest spot.

And for the final step, the pool will undergo finishing which includes the installation of a vinyl liner. Only then can water be added. Ladders, fountains, filters, and other features can be installed if desired. The above ground deck can be strategically filled with plants to create a more welcoming environment.

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