Planning a Basement Development in Calgary – Everything You Need to Know

Planning a Basement Development in Calgary – Everything You Need to Know

No Calgary resident can ever completely neglect the fact that the wintertime is approaching, even though the sun still shines and we have a few last days of warmth to enjoy.

The freezing weather slowly ends the outdoor activities, and once again you begin to feel imprisoned in your own home. Sometimes, those dark and long months at home make you wish your home was just a few square feet larger. You may catch yourself thinking, wouldn’t it be great, if only there was an extra room for your indoor activities.

Target your basement.

That depressing space you use to store your skiing gear in the winter and bicycle in the summer could be a lot more. You probably never thought of making your basement so cozy, you will enjoy watching movies there, once the snow season will devour the city.

How about all the permits and regulations, you might ask?

Don’t worry! Alberta, and Calgary, in particular, does everything it possibly can to make the necessary forms, information, and inspectors available for those who are preparing their own basement reconstruction or development.

Basement development – Calgary permits

First and foremost, make sure you get the paperwork sorted out before starting any building activity. While it can be arranged later on too, it saves a great deal of trouble to do things in the right order. While you are at it, you’re going to get familiar with some of the Land Use Bylaw and the Alberta Building Code. Think of the Land Use Bylaw as the core to understanding the Alberta Building Code in Calgary.

At the time when your home was developed, the Alberta Building Code ensured it was safe for living in before it was put up for sale. Today, these laws make sure that anything a homeowner does in the house doesn’t jeopardize its fundamental safety principles.

Get the downloadable Calgary permit forms in pdf format – here.

In a remarkably helpful move, the generous Calgary government representatives included a simple checklist for the basement and house renovations.

Essentially, you must have plans for all structural changes as well as windows, rooms, doors, and smoke detectors. Unless you have professional experience with contracting, you’ll definitely want an advice from an expert, who knows how to do those things legally and safely. If you’re thinking about doing exterior renovations, you’ll require a building permit along with a development permit, however, if all the changes you are planning are internal, most likely the building permit alone will be sufficient.

Basement development inspection

On top of that, in order to pass inspections, the Land Use Bylaw defines particular demands concerning various aspects that you may or may not be adding in your basement development plan. For example, new windows or new basement doors to the outside have clear instructions when it comes to sizes, and new projects need to meet the current standards of energy efficiency. There are also additional criteria for the kitchens, wet bars, an engine or mechanical rooms. Hidden cables and pipes also need their own permits. Here you can review all of these finishing requirements for your basement development. Furthermore, don’t neglect the insulation, because, as you can see, winter is around the corner.

After all these plans are drafted and submitted, you can begin your basement construction. As you go along, though, you need to get inspections on each and every phase of the job (electrical, plumbing, etc.) and it is crucial for you to stay on top of these inspections. The last thing you want to do is find yourself ripping apart an outstanding craftsmanship just to correct a trivial problem six steps back. Here you can request an inspection.

Still following my train of thought? If all the information mentioned above looks confusing, you can hire someone to transcribe your creative ideas into reality, or even draft an original concept for you! Alliance is certified by the province of Alberta to handle each of these processes and promise to meet the deadlines. Why not enjoy the fruits of someone else’s hard work?

Here you can see some of their Calgary basement development work.

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