Pest Control: Effective Remedies For Your Home

Pest Control: Effective Remedies For Your Home

When the temperatures are constantly rising or falling, drastic changes in the activity of the parasites occur. There can be sudden unexplained initial infestations. Different species of parasites become more of a nuisance during the different seasons.

Mosquitoes are responsible for painful bites and the spread of many diseases. Most females need to feed on blood before they can lay fertilized eggs. Some species can settle for a meal of nectar or vegetable juices.

In the fight against all types of mosquitoes, the monitoring phase is of fundamental importance. It can help define the density of parasites in a given area. The most used sampling system is the use of ovitraps, which is also the preferred surveillance method for the fight against the tiger mosquito.

Cockroaches enter residential environments with ease and in various ways, through cracks and windows. They thrive in warm temperatures and in environments where food and water are easily accessible. These pests have a high ability to reproduce quickly.

Cockroaches are nocturnal and if they appear few during the day, it is likely they have been forced to show signs of overcrowding. This a sign of a possible serious infestation.

They can contaminate the food with Salmonella and other diseases. They represent a significant danger to humans and the dust derived from their skins, dead bodies and their excrement can aggravate allergies and asthma attacks in children and in sensitive people.

Professional exterminators

When natural remedies are not enough, contact the professionals. Request a free quote now to receive the right assistance and find a permanent solution to your pest control problems.

The companies taken into consideration must offer a professional and personalized service. The companies consulted must possess the equipment to make control and prevention solutions, customized and specific for each type of company and industry.

They must have the ability to identify the characteristics of the threats, understand their biology, what they eat and the habits of nesting, be prepared and documented to offer advice with the aim of keeping pest populations to a minimum.

The high professionalism of the companies operating in the pest control sector must guarantee the ability to know and identify more species of the same pest. They should be capable of identifying the fastest and most effective intervention solution.

In addition, they must provide progressive and constructive control solutions, which reduce the potential risks to human health. The chemicals used should have a low impact on the environment.

Companies that operate in the field of control must have a traceable background. They must keep up to date with the new trends to protect more people, materials and the environment. It is important to know how to combine technical efficiency and customer care.

Common pests

The most common pests include food moths that are attracted to foods containing starch and sugars. They have a very rapid evolution. The female can lay about 200 eggs and after three or four days produce larvae that turn into butterflies ready to spawn in turn. From that moment on, you can talk about infestation.

Ants that can enter environments at any time and from any place, generally attracted by humidity or by sweet or fat and oily substances, their colonies can quickly reach the level of 500,000 units.

The entire colony can move quickly from one area to another in certain dangerous circumstances or due to particular sources of attraction. If you see few ants, in reality there may be hundreds of thousands not too far away.

In the event that, despite prevention and controls, there are cases of worrying infestations by one or more parasitic agents, then it is necessary to resort to a real disinfestation intervention. Companies, like, that operate professionally in a specific field have the experience and technologies to eliminate the problem.

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