Need the perfect office chair for your home office? Here’s a guide!

Need the perfect office chair for your home office? Here’s a guide!

Most of us spend considerable number of hours each day in the office chair, and it makes sense to look at the product like an investment. There are a bunch of different office and executive chairs in the market, which makes it even more confusing to choose one. In this post, we will focus on what it takes to select one.

Start with the features

The best ergonomic office chairs are designed to have the maximum number of adjustable features, so that more people can find the products useful. The first thing to check is the seat height, which should be ideally between 15 to 22 inches, depending on who’s using it. If you have a height shorter than 5’4, you may need a chair with a lower seat height. The next aspect is the recline, which helps in avoiding back strain. A recline of 110° and 130° is best for the back. The backrest of the chair should be wide enough to support your back, and adjustable backrests are designed to help the contours of your body. A considerable number of people suffer from back problems, and if you are one of them, make sure that you find a chair that offers lumbar support.

Finally, the chair should be comfortable, must have durable upholstery, and should be easy to use. Having a wheeled base is also important, especially in a home office, when you have to fetch many things and get multiple things done from a small space.

Don’t lose on warranty

It is important that you get a product that’s backed by a solid warranty. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t be buying office chairs every month, and that simply means that the investment should last for at least a few years. For high-end models, expect to get an inclusive warranty. Standard wear and tear is common with office chairs and may not be covered, but for most of the technical things and adjustable features, this is something you must ask for.

Where to buy?

Depending on your location, online sellers are your best bet. For example, if you check for office chairs at, you will find that they have a wide range of products to suit the needs of executives and different offices. You can even get a discount on the best-selling models. Online retailers don’t have as many overheads as regular vendors, which is why they often have better deals and discounts.

Other things to note

Do not shop for the cheapest ergonomic office chair that you find. Quality should rule your mind while buying chairs for your home office, and apart from the features mentioned above, you may want to consider a few other aspects, like –

  • Is the wheelbase designed for carpeted floors?
  • What’s the depth of the seat?
  • Are the armrests adjustable and comfortable?
  • How heavy is the chair to move around?

One of the best ways to compare and select between chairs is to look for reviews. Customer feedback and reviews can be really handy in comparing and shortlisting choices, and you can finally pick one that fits your budget. Please note that spending a tad more on a better chair is always a good idea, especially when it’s from a reliable brand and has the expected extra features.

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