Nail Your Dream Residential Interior Design in NZ

Nail Your Dream Residential Interior Design in NZ

The interior design of residential houses tells a lot about the people who live there. Residential interior designs in NZ vary with taste and personality. It could look like a bright wild splash, a calm ambiance, an autumn look, etc. From the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen, it is important to take into consideration certain factors before you get your dream interior design.

The Big Picture: The first thing to look at is how every room or area will be used, will your kitchen flow into your dining and/or living room? Do you have a large open space or sectioned spaces? The big picture is thinking about how every part of the house is.

Your Lifestyle:  Your residential interior design should reflect who you are. The way you carry out activities must be put into consideration. For example, if you entertain people a lot or use your living room as a makeshift dining or plan to also use your bedroom as a workspace.

Form vs. Function: Something may be beautiful but not functional, the same way something that is functional may not look good. While functionality should always be put first to remove frustration later, aesthetics can also be compensated by infusing other amazing finishes.

Plan Details: Residential interior designing requires detailed planning, from the big furniture to the tiny throw pillow. Extra time must be invested in the layout.

Make a budget plan: It is the main thing which one should plan before coming up with the exact solid concept. And for this, one must make a plan of an estimated budget. This is what matters the most. And also while planning, one should not forget to include the charge of an interior decorator.

A perfect colour selection: Selecting an appropriate colour scheme will help the client to create that unique and the perfect room. Number 25 Design will help one out in this case. There are many themes available in the catalogue such as floral prints, geometric patterns as well as vibrant colours. It all depends on the need of the client such as a perfect bedroom requires neutral colours like blue. While in the kitchen, one can go for bright colours like orange. It is the best way to attain that perfect look for your dream residence.

Include lighting into the plan: Lighting plays a key role in getting that perfect look but most of the people often forget to include lighting in their plan which is wrong. The position of the lighting, as well as the size and the location, make a huge difference in the entire layout of the room. There are different types of lights available in Number 25 Design starting from the table and floor lamps to wall lights.

So with a perfect planning, one can build their dream house with the help of Number 25 Design. Starting from personalized window to office furniture, we have everything here that one needs to put into the room that he or she has been visualizing.


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