Must Have Office Fit-Outs for Better Working Experience

Must Have Office Fit-Outs for Better Working Experience

On an average, a regular person spends 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 30 years of life in one or the other office. Which means majority of us spend a considerable part of our lives working in offices. This makes it very much imperative that the offices we work in must be comfortable, well designed and a good place to be in, over all.

Therefore, many multi-national companies are now going to great lengths to ensure that their workers get an office which is very much comfortable, ergonomically designed and most importantly, an inspiring place where one would like to spend long hours. Time and again, various studies have also shown that a good office works wonders in increasing the productivity of the workers.

Office fitout companies in Dubai also understand this and hence, try to incorporate new and innovative ideas into their designs. However, there are some basic design ideas which never go out of trend as well as need. But the way of incorporating them has changed drastically over time.

Hidden wires and more electric sockets: It is obvious that a modern-day office will need a lot of electric sockets for the various machines and devices, thus, in turn needing more wires. But to make the office look classy and clean, it is necessary to incorporate the wires into the design in such a way that they don’t seem to be spread all over the place.

For this, you can either choose a simple cover-up design or make it a part of the over-all fitouts.

Colours matter: Whether you are incorporating simple or flowering plants or going for a colour scheme for the walls and other interiors, it is necessary to have some colours in the office. Various studies have time and again proved that bright colours lift the moods of people. The same holds true for your employees. Hence, pick up some cheery colours to get more productivity and profitability without much ado!

Don’t forget the storage space: No matter how much you try to be paperless, there are bound to be some papers and/or other things you will need to store in your office. You need to identify the type and amount of storage space you will need and convey it in clear terms to your interior designer so that the same can be created without any extra hassles.

You can get drawers and storage spaces made at less visible spaces if you don’t need the stored files and other items ever so often or go for the usual cabinet type spaces for the regularly needed stuff. To store the electronic gadgets and other such things which need extra care, special instructions must be provided beforehand so that arrangements can be made accordingly.

Natural and spacious is the key: Try to choose a design type which will allow natural light and views to be available. This way, you will create a feeling of an open space and more relaxed environment. For this, you can either have large windows or the partition structure which will not look like too much cramped up. Because none of would like to the feeling of getting locked up in small spaces.

Furnish it right: The seating arrangement for your workers as well as your visitors needs to be a comfortable one and both need a different type of set up. The chairs of the workers need to be at a comparatively higher level, so you must plan their desks and other related items’ height accordingly. Whereas, the visitors’ seating area will have a bit low for a relaxed feeling.

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